Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sneak-peak in to the books of Clandestine! (Quote)

I get really exited about Clandestine. I knew from the time I finished outlining the story, that there was going to be more than one book. It was going to happen. And over writing the first book "Clandestine" I get more and more exited about writing the others.
Things will come up, and will end up making things that made no sense before, make a complete and utter amount of sense.
The story is writing itself. It knows where its going, the characters are hiding things from me, and giving me the information along the way.

The books will be a chronicles. I'm still unsure of what to name it yet, I was thinking along the line of "The Neverland Chronicles" but I don't know.

Here is a quote I made for the third book. (I have not written the third book yet. And don't know the name. But I love it!  


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