Sunday, 9 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day nine/Alice

Word count: 14,952

Small brief on work so far. I am almost at 50k, making me %30 of the way through. This is good going news! Yes, I've been having those discouraging moments, but as that happens, I remember that this is only a first draft, and that I have all of January and February to edit it to the second draft!

I'm also getting on to Alice's Journal, at 911 words. I like to share on Alice, but the pain of it is, that she tells the back story, which is the biggest spoiler!

A Bit about Alice Mistral: The 26 year old woman, who cant live with herself. The seventh miscarriage, the seventh streak on top of her ever growing depression. She is always on the wondering, "Why he chose me?"

"Not being able to deal with the feel of what made me beautiful, I ran to my vanity, snacking the scissors up, I sliced one lock of my white hair off after another. destroying a trade mark of my Race."

"I sit my days now, just staring out the window. The light penetrating my eyes. Its like life doesn't have a place for me anymore. But death refuse to take me."

Those are just a couple of lines.... They are depressing I know!  

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