Thursday, 13 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day thirteen/Writing drug

Word count: 21,491

A lovely day. The sun was out, I got to wear a tee-shirt and shorts for the first time in months! Ah! It was amazing, summer is on its way! It was good to get out of the house today, to finally a small amount of social life (that is not the internet.) like proper face to face interactions, with living people instead of book characters, and my characters, and all the (lovely) people on the internet! I talked to humans today!

Yes, this whole writing thing, got me in a bubble. Even when I'm round people, all I can think about is writing. Its like this drug!
I'm so sorry to all of you who comment, and send me messages, I will try to get to them. But I am trying not to spend to much time on the social net work. I will get back to you!

My ideas: Those amazing little plot bunnies that spring into your mind. We writers all have them (or should have them. Other wise, you need some serious counseling with other writers!)
Any way, we all get these ideas, and we run to write them down. a specially during NaNoWriMo! But the problem with me, is that all my good ideas start flowing at about 9:00 at night. (Trust me, I've timed this) and they start flowing up to the early hours of the morning. I will be lying in bed, and my mind with just start gushing with scenes and ideas. Why? Just why?
So I don't always have my laptop with me when all these idea come. (I share a room with my younger sister) so I end up tapping them out onto my tablet on Google docs. So I have to type them out on the laptop in the morning.
The thing about these ideas that flow is that, they end up being over 1000 words when I'm up. Which is great, it just leaves a very tired girl at the end of it!

NaNo got me hungry: I do as much writing as I can. But in that time, I forget to eat food. Oh and I end up forgetting to boil the jug to make coffee. And if I do boil it, I forget it, and have to boil it again! See I'm to busy to even take care of myself! Its really bad! And when I sit down at night, and all the little ones are in bed, the hunger pains start to kick in!
I really want chocolate! And coffee! And maybe even a big glass of wine (jokes! I love wine!)

I could stare at Pinterest all day! I need to find out how to put my board on the side bar of this blog!
I'm so happy I've been catching up, I'm so close to getting to half way! Its so exiting!




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