Friday, 28 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-seven and twenty-eight

Word count day 27: 44,661

Word count day 28: 47,487

So today I double over the two days. Simply cause I am lazy!
I am so close to getting to 50,000 words! 2,513 words to go! Though this sticks a problem, I am so going to get to that count! But that doesn't mean I'm going to finish the novel at that point! I am over 41k on my original doc, (the other words are on story parts.) and I have only just hit my climax...

So in all this, I realize that my novel will not finish at 50,000 words on the first draft. Does that scare me? Yes, yes it does.
I still love my story, I really love it! I have things coming up, and just seeing why these things happened. Small objects create whole secret organizations! I mean, its crazy! (I need to stop ranting)

It hurts when you have to kill characters: I mean they are my babies. I love them, I want to take care of them. But bad things happen, and I cant save them.
I have already made this mental list of who's going to die over the series. I'm not going to tell either!

So making these quotes make me happy. It moves me to go and write more. Adding the scene to the quote, and move from there. I have to keep believing that "I can do this!"

Over reading some of the things I have written, I realize that I am going to go over each character individually. Cause I want each of them to be unique, and different to each other. That is one thing I want to work on over time. Sometimes Jack can be to sweet, when he is suppose to be being heartless. (That was a sneak peak) I need them to grow, with them selves, and with each other. No person will just start off something, and never grow to be better.

I keep on finding songs for my novel. Not all the songs relate to the first book. The ones I chose are often the ones I listen to the most when writing.

Priss's song: Little house (I chose this song for Priss cause it makes me think of her. I don't think the lyrics are relevant. But its just such a sweet song.) 

Jack's song: Demons (Jacks song is Demons by Imagine Dragons. Now the title of the song may put off some people, it did for me the fist time. But when I looked into it, its got a really deep meaning. And I can see Jack singing the song for Iris.) (more about this song down below)

Iris's song: Lights (This song I found a bit bouncy for Iris. But when I looked into it I could see it was the write one for her. Iris is emotionally damaged. Here is the song meaning)

Those tend to be the character main songs. I am yet to find one for the other characters.

Then I have the songs that relate to the story:

Mother and Father (this song came to mind while I was thinking of events in the second and third book. It made me think of Iris's thoughts. It's like its telling the story! Its really beautiful, so in a way this is Iris's song too... I feel like it tells her journey, and her realization.)

Demons (Like I said, this is Jacks song. But its also a nice pit for the deeper meaning of my story in general. The term Demons, is used a lot these days. And I can see that the word is translated to "troubles," or "problems," or "evil going on in ones life"
There is a really good song meaning here. But I just wanted to point out one thing that jumped out to me when reading the translation.

"No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed." The think that struck me here, was that we are never going to be able to create a perfect race. That we are so fallen, and we cant make that go away! The no matter what we breed part hit me in the face. My story is about four Races created to be perfect humans, able to withstand the world. But no! No human ever created is going to be perfect!

(God broke every chain! We are only ever going to be perfect if we come back to him, over and over again. My old youth pastor told me before my baptism, that being baptized was not going to mean that all my troubles were going to go away. She said, you are going to have to keep on going to Jesus to be saved.) Amen!

That's all the music for my Novel/Series I have at the moment. I will share more later on.



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