Tuesday, 25 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-five

Word count: 40,352

My brother turned 15 today! The age gap between us is weird, I will go being 2 years older than him, to 1 year. (Ha ha, weird)

I watched the hunger-games for the third time last night. I tried really hard not to cry. Its so deep, and after the reading the entire three books I found it hard to contain my emotions.
Mocking Jay part one is in theaters now, and I am considering going to see it. (Though its only part one.) I don't want to bust spoilers.
I read many book reviews on this series, and tried hard to understand the deeper meaning of this epic book series constructed by Susan Collins. Susan is a very talented author, while reading the books I couldn't help think but how much of a genius she is.
The Hunger Games, is a war story. Its frightening with the deaths and lives lost for what they believe in. I could go on, (one more thing) I think what many don't understand, when reading, or watching the first book, is that the this is a trilogy, and the first book is the start of the rebellion. As the story continues in the second and third book, (I) could start to see the pattern, and understand why things happen as they did.

So close to finishing!


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