Monday, 3 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day three/The trouble

Word count: 5,173

I hit the 5k mark! Its only day three, and I am trying my best not to give up! I cant give up! And I wont give up. No matter how hard it gets!
I am doing NaNoWriMo sick. My cold is kicking back in, the continuing headaches, so tired... I should not complain. The world is not going to end.

How is my story going? Today I gave myself some inspiration, reading plot summaries to popular young adult books similar in setting and genre to mine.
They helped me kick back into my plot. I re-wrote my summery, partly changing it. I found the confidence in having a outline/summery. Going over my plot in a couple of sentience's.

Keep your head up darling! Just don't ask! I'm going to make it through this. Today I rewarded my self with a nice coffee and chocolate! I am 173 words ahead of myself.

Author Inspiration: Again! I have been busy all day writing my novel and not looking for writers quotes! But there will always be one on here!
So today's quote is by Joseph Heller! "Every writer I know has trouble writing."
This is just music to my ears, that i am not the only one suffering from the hellish trouble!

Essay? Yeah Essay: I have also been bestowed with a essay. Yeah I have to write an essay. For my Graphic design course. A 2,000 word essay on the Italian Renaissance! And I will write that essay tomorrow! (As you may be able to tell, writing 2,000 words is kind of nothing to me now).




  1. You go! Fight with that plot/cold/characters/headache and don't give up :))

  2. Thanks! "I'm a superhero"haha :) :) :)