Monday, 24 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-four

Word count: 37,684

Day 24 (yesterday) I spent reading The Selection. Its really cute, and I cant wait to read the other books. Its been while since I've indulged myself in princess things. Even to this day I still like Princesses, I don't think you can grow out of some of theses things, (Even though I would never play the part of the princess in any of our games as kids)

I spent a long time writing, up until the early hours of the morning. Lucky for my I'm a night person, so I can be more a awake at night, than I am a morning person...

White sound: The best sound, for study and even better for writing. Last night I listened to the sound of rain falling, and thunder crashing. It really was the best sound ever! Even better cause I was writing a scene in the rain, so it worked beautifully.



  1. I've been writing very late at night as well :)
    And, speaking of sounds to write to, have you tried ??

    1. Good way to finish up NaNoWriMo :p
      The page doesn't seem to load! But there is also this one that someone suggested