Friday, 28 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-seven and twenty-eight

Word count day 27: 44,661

Word count day 28: 47,487

So today I double over the two days. Simply cause I am lazy!
I am so close to getting to 50,000 words! 2,513 words to go! Though this sticks a problem, I am so going to get to that count! But that doesn't mean I'm going to finish the novel at that point! I am over 41k on my original doc, (the other words are on story parts.) and I have only just hit my climax...

So in all this, I realize that my novel will not finish at 50,000 words on the first draft. Does that scare me? Yes, yes it does.
I still love my story, I really love it! I have things coming up, and just seeing why these things happened. Small objects create whole secret organizations! I mean, its crazy! (I need to stop ranting)

It hurts when you have to kill characters: I mean they are my babies. I love them, I want to take care of them. But bad things happen, and I cant save them.
I have already made this mental list of who's going to die over the series. I'm not going to tell either!

So making these quotes make me happy. It moves me to go and write more. Adding the scene to the quote, and move from there. I have to keep believing that "I can do this!"

Over reading some of the things I have written, I realize that I am going to go over each character individually. Cause I want each of them to be unique, and different to each other. That is one thing I want to work on over time. Sometimes Jack can be to sweet, when he is suppose to be being heartless. (That was a sneak peak) I need them to grow, with them selves, and with each other. No person will just start off something, and never grow to be better.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-six

Word count: 43,351

The picture says it all! I am feeling accomplished. I'm doing well after being 5k behind!


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sneak-peak in to the books of Clandestine! (Quote)

I get really exited about Clandestine. I knew from the time I finished outlining the story, that there was going to be more than one book. It was going to happen. And over writing the first book "Clandestine" I get more and more exited about writing the others.
Things will come up, and will end up making things that made no sense before, make a complete and utter amount of sense.
The story is writing itself. It knows where its going, the characters are hiding things from me, and giving me the information along the way.

The books will be a chronicles. I'm still unsure of what to name it yet, I was thinking along the line of "The Neverland Chronicles" but I don't know.

Here is a quote I made for the third book. (I have not written the third book yet. And don't know the name. But I love it!  


NaNoProgress: Day twenty-five

Word count: 40,352

My brother turned 15 today! The age gap between us is weird, I will go being 2 years older than him, to 1 year. (Ha ha, weird)

I watched the hunger-games for the third time last night. I tried really hard not to cry. Its so deep, and after the reading the entire three books I found it hard to contain my emotions.
Mocking Jay part one is in theaters now, and I am considering going to see it. (Though its only part one.) I don't want to bust spoilers.
I read many book reviews on this series, and tried hard to understand the deeper meaning of this epic book series constructed by Susan Collins. Susan is a very talented author, while reading the books I couldn't help think but how much of a genius she is.
The Hunger Games, is a war story. Its frightening with the deaths and lives lost for what they believe in. I could go on, (one more thing) I think what many don't understand, when reading, or watching the first book, is that the this is a trilogy, and the first book is the start of the rebellion. As the story continues in the second and third book, (I) could start to see the pattern, and understand why things happen as they did.

So close to finishing!


Monday, 24 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty-four

Word count: 37,684

Day 24 (yesterday) I spent reading The Selection. Its really cute, and I cant wait to read the other books. Its been while since I've indulged myself in princess things. Even to this day I still like Princesses, I don't think you can grow out of some of theses things, (Even though I would never play the part of the princess in any of our games as kids)

I spent a long time writing, up until the early hours of the morning. Lucky for my I'm a night person, so I can be more a awake at night, than I am a morning person...

White sound: The best sound, for study and even better for writing. Last night I listened to the sound of rain falling, and thunder crashing. It really was the best sound ever! Even better cause I was writing a scene in the rain, so it worked beautifully.


NaNoProgress: Day Twenty-three

Word count: 35,121

Day 23 was the day I got home, and was really worried about my word count. But I hit 35k, which is nice! These small accomplished moments, are the ones that will drive a person such as myself!


NaNoProgress: Day twenty-two

Word count: 32,814

Day 22 was bad. Cause I didn't end up writing very much. I woke up with the worse head ache, and couldn't think straight.

I went to my friends 21st that night. It was good, and felt a bit better for it. Meeting new people! Awesome! I slept wonderfully that night though!


NaNoProgress: Day twenty-one

Word count: 31,943

(All this in past tense)

So day 21 I spent my entire afternoon in the library writing and reading. It was nice to just get that I'm. The youthspace youth Library has these cute cubby hole book shelves. So I sat in one of them. All I could see was the other book shelf, and just stared for a while at all the book titles wondering what was inside of each one. (They were all Sci Fi, so yeah, I liked them)


 Elastic Heart by Sia. 
I love her music, simply cause everything she writes and sings is so powerful.   

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blog Award tag - One Lovely Blog

I was nominated the the lovely Wild Horse at Opal Swirls. Thanks you for Awarding me! (for both of them)

The Rules:
 ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. 
♥ Leave a link to their page. 
♥ Give a brief story about how you started blogging, and share some tips. 
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers 
♥ Notify your nominees by email or comment 

How I started my blogging journey 

Back when I was about 11 my mum started up a blog. And for years after that I wanted to create one, but had no idea what I was going to blog about. So up until early this year I tried to set one up. But I really didn't know how to work blogger. 
But when joined GoTeenWriters I started to get back into the writing groove. Upon finding the Facebook group I noticed that a lot of the writers had blogs, and shared some really amazing inspiring things on their progress, and tips. 
So when I found out about NaNoWriMo in October I thought I would start blogging. And that meant creating a Google account (which I use more than Facebook now) And started to try and understand how to use this new, hard and annoying format. Thanks to the lovely people on YouTube, I found out how to use it. (in the end!)
I named my blog after me. The .H. stands for my middle name, Heather. 
I love blogging now, and Blog most about my writing. I love updating people on what I'm doing. And Its nice to just let out my thoughts and share my work. Cause I tend to keep a lot that stuff to myself, and only share it with some of my closest friends. But here I feel safe, and free to share what I have. 
I've only been blogging for two months now, so not to long. But long enough to love doing it! 

Blogging Tips
I'm still new to this stuff, so no where near a professional in any of this! 
  • Make your Blog a comfortable place to be. When ever I go on my blog, I am comfortable. I enjoy being on it. So make sure that you, yourself are comfortable and cozy when you visit your site. Use colors that compliment each other, and fonts that work. Keeping your blog tidy and easy to use. (Sorry that was so long)
  • Post what you enjoy doing: A blog, 9 out of 10 (just guessing there) is a personal site. Something that you can update. So what ever you blog about, just make sure you love it! (I love blogging. Its like a hobby for me now.)
  • Widgets: Now you have to be careful not to add to many, other wise you will just look like your over loading. But the other day I found out how to add them. So I added my pinterest board. I love looking at other people Pinterest boards! I feel like you get another inside veiw looking at what pictures they add to they boards. So add a Pinterst board! (if you have one. If you don't, then get one, you will not regret it! I know I haven't!)
  • And one more thing: If you cannot figure out how in the world to use something on your site. Search your problem into Google, and there are countless tutorials on how to do, just about anything!     
It wont seem to show up!

 The Rules: 
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♥ List the rules and display the award. 
♥ Add 7 facts about yourself. 
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers. 
♥ Follow on blogger the person who nominated you

Seven facts about myself 

  1. I am really shy. Like I get really scared talking to new people. I'm kind of that girl in the corner that don't say much! But when you get to know me properly, I talk a lot. Trust me, I have a lot to say if you get me going! Though I am working on it, and getting better, thanks to the help and encouregment of some people in my life. Be Brave & Never Give Up 
  2. I like to sing. I will do it round the house, doing the dishes, on the commuter, writing, when I'm in the car. I'm not an amazing singer, and sound really bad if someone asks me to. But I love doing it. So I cant sing, but that doesn't mean I wont!
  3. I love wearing dresses. I like it when summer comes around so I can wear pretty summer dresses. 
  4. I love reading. I have gotten 3 books out of the library this weekend. (I got board, and overly exited.) I get this weird thrill when seeing books now. Every cover has something its hiding, and I really want to know! 
  5. I can see right through people. Its not a super hero power! But its just something ever discerning person holds. I can tell if someone is being shallow, I can tell if your lying. And I sure hate hypocritically people. (Get your act strait! We are all dying, I say don't drag problems with others down to your grave!) (sorry if that sounded bad
  6. I love my hair. I mean its the only thing I really care about on me. If my hair looks great, then I look great. That is all.
  7.   I like hugs from people. I'm not really that much of a touchy person. I will reframe from touching anyone if possible, and I tend to freeze up when someone touches me. But I will always have that (small) room for a hug, (If I like you, you will get one)

Nomination Time, for both Tags  

And that is all I cant think of to nominate! Hope you guys have fun answering all the questions! <3 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty

Word count: 31,243

I have done zero words today! Its that bad! I have been finishing and editing my essay. But the good new about that, is that I will hand it in tomorrow! (it will be gone!)

So it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do over the weekend!

I wrote such a quote scene last night. I really love it. I feel likes its a bit wild, but definitely cute. I write all this quote lovey stuff from imagination, cause none of that has ever been an epic reality to me (which is not bad! Just means I have to stretch my mind out a little more)

I am really looking forward to writing the squeal. I had this great idea, and want to know what my characters do, and what they are keeping, and the decisions they are going to make!

Also, I am going to write a novella in Priss's perspective. :)

I'm just going crazy on all these ideas, and none of them are coming clear for the first book. I need to do the first book! Not the others!

It is 10 days to go. 10 days to finish. I will be staying at a friends house this weekend. And I feel really embarrassed that I will get to the sad parts, and just curl up into a ball and cry... I might happen. (its going to be crazy)
Its going to be an emotional ride towards the end. Cause it gets sadder and sadder the more the story progresses. (The feels!)

I finished reading Ignite me the third book in the Shatter me trilogy. I loved them! It ended just how I wanted it to. It was amazing, and devastating, and all out "Shatter me!"
Now I don't know what to read! I might go for The Selection series. Or The Jewel. Just something a little different, but still in my genre.

I'm running out of coffee, I have no chocolate, but I have a bit of money. So I am going to change all that!!! (I should go to bed)



NaNoProgress: Day nineteen

Word count: 31,243

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day eighteen/30k

Word count: 30,204

Yes! I hit 30k! This is a day to be celebrated!
I am rolling with this story! And I am not even at the climax yet! (I have no idea what I am doing!) I am just dying to edit! I want to edit, I want to fill in the spaces I have left blank. I want to swap things around. But I have to write! I have to get 50,000 words of the story on this document. Cause that is all that matters at this point.

I made a quote picture/cover/cover photo type of thing today. With a piece I wrote yesterday? I really love it! Making these things help me with my drive to keep on writing!


Monday, 17 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day seventeen

Word count: 28,661

Today I did it! I did not make it to 30,000, but I reached today's word count, and even went 332 words over. So I am ahead. With a new addition to my plot. It got exiting when I had so trouble mixed around my characters! It was great!
I am half happy, and half scared. Cause I am at the half way point, and I am not sure how long till my climax with start. (It might be longer than 50,000 words on the first draft!)

I made this quote for my love interests today... they are so cute! It was very hard for me to tear them apart like this! But it had to happen!


Sunday, 16 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day sixteen/the city

Word count: 25,783 

I spend so long last night. Just tying to get my words in. But I failed that days word count, with still 800 words to go. I was just so tired, my hands were shaking, so I couldn't type.
(Today is day 17 for me. Cause I didn't do this post yesterday)
I woke up this morning, with a fresh start. Confident that I was going to get to the 30k point. So that is what I am doing today.I am going to get ahead.

A. Cause I have an essay to finish writing. I'm about 400 words off finishing that. (whats 400 words anymore?)

B. And I also have to make my friends 21st birthday present. So busy, busy. I have so much to do, and I all I want to do is sleep. I just want to sleep!

Stetting: I have not named my city yet. Its really bad. I just put in a place holder. But still, its taken a lot of world building.
The time is in the far future. After what the people call the fall. Technology crashed after the fall. The world had to start again. The city is the only place that the people know. Its a haven, to the world outside. Its built to be safe.
I have placed it the UK, I don't know where (that sounds really bad.) But I'm saying somewhere like England. But none of the people know where the setting is.

So back to the city, and the world building. I'm seeing it looking like London, but future London, with a mix of New York and other big city's. Transportation is subways, trains, and trams.
The city is in about 6/10 levels. So there is the ground level, and then you climb from there. (Stairs everywhere)
I've never been to London, or New York, or the UK... So I just have to use my imagination.



Saturday, 15 November 2014

Beautiful Books: NaNoWriMo Writing Questionare

This is the #2 lot of Questions for the Beautiful books run! The last one I did with them was #1 Plotting Questionare (check that one out). Beautiful Books is run by Bloglovin/NoteBookSisters (they changed their name!)

Question one: Be honest: How is your writing going?

Its been a hard road over the last 16 days. I have really doubted my chances of ever being a good writer. I do the bad thing, and go and compare myself to other writers, and the way that all their words just flow so beautiful on to the page.
And I just cant do that! But what I have have to think, is that my ideas are beautiful, and I love them no matter what. And also, this is my first ever book to really ever write. I have attempted other stories in the past, but never finished a first draft. And the fact that I am almost half way through my first daft, is just the best feeling in the whole world!

Question two:  What's your first sentence/paragraph?

"I walk along the scuffed dirt path; its mixed with last nights early snowfall. I cant believe he's dead! The wooden coffin is carried by the group of Iciest council members, that includes my Father, Levi Mistral."

Question three: Do you have a book cover, and/pictures that reflect your book?

I have this dream cover. One that I would really love if I had it published. But I am yet to create it. I will draw it out and post it on this blog sometime.
I have played round with covers, and pictures.

This one is just a rough cover, more like a place holder. 
Nothing like the one I want though. But I like the picture.
I have so many pictures that inspire and reflect my novel. But I keep most of them on My Pinterst.   

Question four: Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not describe them to us! 

Iris Mistral: my MC. She really has white hair. 

                          Priss Mistral: Iris's twin sister            

Jack Heron: My male MC. 

Alice Mistral: Priss and Iris's mother 

Sister Ana: Iris's flame 

I do have other characters. Though I don't have pictures of them yet. So the other characters are...
Jolene, Loy Griffiths, Christophe, Griffiths, Levi Mistral, Fray, Silvia, and that's all I can think of at the moment! 

Question five: What scenes are you most exited to write? 

I'm looking forward to getting to the climax of the story. So when Iris finds out the TRUTH! And everything really goes down hill from there. Emotions, deviation, and I know I can write that! 

Question six: Share snippet of a scene that you really enjoyed writing.

All of a sudden I feel the presence of someone in aisle. I keep my pencil moving on the page, not wanting to make eye contact with the person. Although, who wouldn't notice notice a girl sitting on the floor in the corner of a bookshelf?
I can’t take it! I look up.
Oh my God!” I scream, slamming my sketch book closed.
Don’t scream for Gods sake! Where in a library!” says the Shadow boy. His hood is still over his head. Why does he have to have it like that? It’s freaky.
Take off the hood!” I demand. I see his smile through the shadow. He removes it, reveling his full face. A mess let of brown hair lies all over him head. His face is handsome, but I try not to let it distract me.
I hug my book close to my chest, pressing my back hard into the corner. Hard enough to hurt.
He looks behind himself, then to me.
What do you want?” I shiver; the question seems to bring revelation to his face.
He crouches down in front of me. “What’s your name?”
Mistral…” I don’t want to give him my first name. He nods. He taking a deep breath, running his finger through his hair.
He leans right into my face; there is nothing but inches keeping us apart.
I wonder if he can hear my heart beating! I’m locked in his eyes. They are beautifully dark like my own. But dangerous.
You should be more careful next time!”
My stomach turns as he waits for my answer. But the words don’t come. I can’t bring myself to speak. I just nod my head vigorously in reply.
Good!” He says as he pushes himself back. 

(That was the one I liked writing the most. Although, I know it needs lots of work, its the one I am most proud of...) 

Question seven:  Now that you're writing, have you any plot details or the process itself, turned out different than you planned or imagined?

Yes! I always had the door unlocked, so if I ever needed to change form my original outline, I could. And I am so glad I did, cause so much as changed. 
The back story is still remaining the same, cause that is the one that makes the story what it is. But the relationships and other events have been moved around and played with. 
After putting in the death of Griffiths, I realized that there was going to be a bit of a change. But it was one of the best things I ever did, creating and killing that character. 
So yes, things have changed! 

Question eight: Is there a character of aspect of your plot that is difficult to write?"

 Yes, they are strewn all about the place. Though its hard to name specifics. My hardest character has been Jack, cause I want him to be one thing. but he turns out to be another, and I really cant understand him sometimes! 

Question nine: What's your favorite aspect of your novel so far? Favorite character?

Favorite aspect: would be watching Iris. She is so much of me, everything she is, is what I am on the inside. She is the figure of my feelings. And its frighteningly beautiful. 
Favorite character: Alice, (i love them all) but I love Alice. 

Question ten: Have you drawn off any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and characters?

Like I said in question nine, Iris is a figure of my feelings. So I can write as Iris. Most of the characters are just out of my imagination. 

I have never been to high school, or any school for that matter. I am not in the Catholic religion, I have never lived, or even been in a big city like the city in my setting. I don't have a twin sister, I'm not in wealthy society. Etc 

But I am artistic like Iris, and all crazy feeling. 

Jack can reminds me sometimes of a guy I know. 
Sister Ana, character was inspired by one of my Youth group leaders. 

Question eleven: Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or charters?

I have a list of music on Spotify that I listen to. Mostly The Civil Wars, and Ellie Goulding. It all really depends on what mood I'm in on that day, or the scene I'm writing. 

I am starting to find theme songs for my characters. 
Priss's song is Little House, sung by Amanda Sheyfried. 
Iris's song is Lights, by Ellie Goulding. 

Question twelve: Lets have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your books world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging with?

It would be Fray. I carry the traits of a shadow, so it would be safest for for me to do. I trust Fray. 

Question thirteen: How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily word count? 

Mostly Pinterest and Music. They are my drive. And also the pleasure of having hit that word count. 

Question fourteen: What is your favorite writing quote or piece of writing advice?

"We have to be continually jumping of cliffs and developing our wings on the way down."Kurt Vonnegut

Question fifteen: How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? crying? Frustrated?

There are a lot of mixed feelings, so I cant really be sure.   

NaNoProgress: Day fifteen

Word count: 24,270

The half way point, I am about 700 words away from 25,000. So not to bad!

Friday, 14 November 2014

NaNoProgess: Day fourteen/Writers block

Word count: 22,686

It is a number! Not today's full word count, but a nice looking number. I wrote 1,195 words this afternoon, cause that was when all my words started flowing. I was not I a completely sane state of mind this morning. My head ache was pretty bad. I have stopped counting how many weeks its been since I've been this Ill person. But its alright. (I don't like talking about it) I cry a lot. My emotions get the better of me sometimes, and I snap like a little twig. (But that is besides the point completely)

What I did do today was (had a small amount of social life on the wind swept sands of Foxton beach. It was horrible!)

How I deal with WRITERS BLOCK: Every one has a method one way or another, Kami Gracia did a video on it today, so check that out here.
The way I deal with this pesky little bug, I got on Pintrest, and look at pictures of my characters, and run over copious amount of quote pictures. or YouTube, and watch clips of some of my favorite movies. Like the cute romantic scenes, that get me smiling like and idiot (I'm ridiculous). And another thing I get up to in this time is making quote pictures of my story. Grabbing a picture off Pintrest, and I will go to Pic Monkey and make these amazing quote pictures. Sometimes this quote will just come to me, its not even a quote I have written yet. And after making these pictures, I will start to think "wow! This is an amazing quote, where can I use this?" so then I will start wanting to write.
Another thing I will do, and I do this even while writing. I will go to Spotify and just listen to all my favorite songs, and tunes! Music is amazing! I love it! Sometimes/most of the time. when I'm home along, I will just crank it up loud, and sing along with these songs while I write! I'm not the most amazing singer, but I love singing. It give me pleasure doing it. And when no ones around, that is when I am most confident.

Characters: So I made two character profiles today. I am going to make a page on this blog just for characters. But I am yet to do that. But here is Jacks and Alice's

 I am just so exited over them! So I just had to share them. There will be more of them! I've already told so much about Alice, in all these other post, Day nine, and others, if you serf all those many many posts, you are bound to find another!

But then we have pretty face Jack Heron. (For the record, I came up with the name, completely by myself.) Any way! Jack Heron is my male MC. And I love him to bits. Like really, he is amazing!
Tomorrow I will share some of him with you guys! Cause I want more time to go over this character.

Check out my Pintrest board (Here), and follow me if you are not already. Also feel free to follow this blog. Sign up by email, or just follow me on Google, share the google love around.
It means a lot to me that people are actually reading these! So big thank you's all around! *Giving you a virtual high five*


Thursday, 13 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day thirteen/Writing drug

Word count: 21,491

A lovely day. The sun was out, I got to wear a tee-shirt and shorts for the first time in months! Ah! It was amazing, summer is on its way! It was good to get out of the house today, to finally a small amount of social life (that is not the internet.) like proper face to face interactions, with living people instead of book characters, and my characters, and all the (lovely) people on the internet! I talked to humans today!

Yes, this whole writing thing, got me in a bubble. Even when I'm round people, all I can think about is writing. Its like this drug!
I'm so sorry to all of you who comment, and send me messages, I will try to get to them. But I am trying not to spend to much time on the social net work. I will get back to you!

My ideas: Those amazing little plot bunnies that spring into your mind. We writers all have them (or should have them. Other wise, you need some serious counseling with other writers!)
Any way, we all get these ideas, and we run to write them down. a specially during NaNoWriMo! But the problem with me, is that all my good ideas start flowing at about 9:00 at night. (Trust me, I've timed this) and they start flowing up to the early hours of the morning. I will be lying in bed, and my mind with just start gushing with scenes and ideas. Why? Just why?
So I don't always have my laptop with me when all these idea come. (I share a room with my younger sister) so I end up tapping them out onto my tablet on Google docs. So I have to type them out on the laptop in the morning.
The thing about these ideas that flow is that, they end up being over 1000 words when I'm up. Which is great, it just leaves a very tired girl at the end of it!

NaNo got me hungry: I do as much writing as I can. But in that time, I forget to eat food. Oh and I end up forgetting to boil the jug to make coffee. And if I do boil it, I forget it, and have to boil it again! See I'm to busy to even take care of myself! Its really bad! And when I sit down at night, and all the little ones are in bed, the hunger pains start to kick in!
I really want chocolate! And coffee! And maybe even a big glass of wine (jokes! I love wine!)

I could stare at Pinterest all day! I need to find out how to put my board on the side bar of this blog!
I'm so happy I've been catching up, I'm so close to getting to half way! Its so exiting!




NaNoProgress: Day twelve

Word count: 19,559

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day eleven/slapping the characters

Word count: 17,853

These are getting shorter and shorter!
Today I spent my day writing my essay, the one I promised to finish. Yeah that one!
Even though I am slightly behind in my word count, my story has not died yet. In fact it only gets better.
I found my villain. Also found that I killed his living presence as soon as I started typing! Haha! I love the dynamics! Its so beautiful, in a very evil kind of a way... (Oh I can so relate to the picture right now!)



Monday, 10 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day ten

Word count: 16,574

I have under 20 days to finish my novel! That crazy! I've been doing this thing for 10 days already? Its felt like many weeks, many many weeks of this stuff! But its only been a week and three days.

So today I wrote on Alice's journal, and just finished entry five. I'm pretty proud of myself! Running on this smoothly. Just the matter of remembering I'm writing in a present and past tense, all the scenes she talks about are to be expressed through past tense.

I was talking to mum today about my word count. And I was thinking about how 1000 words seem like nothing to me now I'm at 16k. I mean, 100 words are like little babies. When I see the number, it looks like nothing to overcome. Its crazy how when I stared, I thought that 100 words was huge, and 1000 even bigger. But now I feel like I can accomplish anything! Its nothing but letting your imagination flow onto the page.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day nine/Alice

Word count: 14,952

Small brief on work so far. I am almost at 50k, making me %30 of the way through. This is good going news! Yes, I've been having those discouraging moments, but as that happens, I remember that this is only a first draft, and that I have all of January and February to edit it to the second draft!

I'm also getting on to Alice's Journal, at 911 words. I like to share on Alice, but the pain of it is, that she tells the back story, which is the biggest spoiler!

A Bit about Alice Mistral: The 26 year old woman, who cant live with herself. The seventh miscarriage, the seventh streak on top of her ever growing depression. She is always on the wondering, "Why he chose me?"

"Not being able to deal with the feel of what made me beautiful, I ran to my vanity, snacking the scissors up, I sliced one lock of my white hair off after another. destroying a trade mark of my Race."

"I sit my days now, just staring out the window. The light penetrating my eyes. Its like life doesn't have a place for me anymore. But death refuse to take me."

Those are just a couple of lines.... They are depressing I know!  

Saturday, 8 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day eight/No shipping!

Word count: 13,820

Hello world! Yes it is NaNo day 8, over a week of this madness! I am so amazingly ahead, I beat that word count in the butt! (Sorry for the language)
I am over my word count, which is really good, and I am so happy, cause this is the fist day since day one, that I have been ahead, I know, its really sad! But not now that I am ahead.
Its working, my story is slowly going somewhere, while I try desperately not to ship my characters! It just not going to happen at this point. Must resist the urge!

For all ye people who don't know what I mean by the word shipping.

Shipping: When you like two fictional characters, and think they should be together. (RealationSHIP)

So with that out of the way... I have pretty much reached my word count goal for today, things are running smooth(ish) and I'm going good! I am mental stable, but we will see how long that lasts! I make absolutely no promises of staying in a stable mental state as this month goes on.

So since yesterday, I realized that I was going to have to quote myself up on Shakespeare. That was were my story took its turning point. I didn't know what else to do, but to go with it.

Author Inspiration: The quote underneath, says my thoughts exactly. Amen!



Friday, 7 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day seven/Filling in the gaps

Word count: 11,629

I wrote 3,058 words today!
Today has been a long hard day! Through the hard trails, I came out with the best result.
NaNoWriMo has taught me a big lesson about being a writer (or anything in life!) that if you want to get something done, you have to be freaking dedicated! Yes! dedication is the biggest key to doing anything, especially NaNoWriMo!
So I got myself down to the whole dedication thing today. After not being able to sleep last night, due to the amount of words that I was behind in. (There were a lot of words) I was so scared I was going to be behind. But I sat down at my laptop first thing, and started brainstorming. I did not write at first, cause I was struggling on ideas!
I spent my whole day at the computer with my laptop listening to music, trying to inspire. And by the afternoon I hit 10,000 words! I was so happy, I had to stop myself from crying. Lucky for me I had the whole house to myself this afternoon, so I had a couple of hours of pure quite.

What was my problem? As I said in my last post, I'm doing everything in small story parts, then moving them to the original page. Still I add up every word I type, not a word wasted! At this point I am at the start of my story. Introducing my problem. my problem was to be around the 10,000 word mark. I had the beginning written, and the end written. But their was the terrible in-between. I had no idea what I was going to fill it in with. This was the biggest problem to face! Cause if I filled in that gap, I could move my words for the end of it to the doc.
With a bit of luck, and a lot of time to think, I finally came up with the fill in. (2,767 words to fill in) But I filled it all in. I have not completely finished that filling in, only a couple of hundred words off the fill in!
Through that process of finding the fill in, introduced me to another key I had been looking for! So yay!!!

Author Inspiration:  Just a quote!



Thursday, 6 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day six/Jumping off them cliffs

Word count: 8,571

My goal was to get to 10,000 today, but unfortunately I ran out of time. I am about 1,429 words behind. But I still wrote 1,595 words today.
I spent my whole day at my laptop. It feels like such an insane act to sit down for all those hours and only get over and thousand words.

I got my self to the first step on the ladder. With just a few gaps to fill I will have introduced my problem, and start of the story at roughly 10,000 words. I'm happy I have it only the first rolling step. Like I'm getting ready to throw it off a cliff into the climax! Which brings me to a quote! A beautiful quote that hardly anyone will get.... But I love it!

Author Inspiration: The Quote is by (as you can tell) Kurt Vonnegut! (I'm going to start invading you with writers quotes)  

This sadly is going to have to be a really tiny post! I have words to write... Sleep to fit in. More words to write tomorrow.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day five/grave yards and lullaby's

Word count: 6,976

I updated my word count by 774 words today... (Weeping bitterly) I really did feel like crying today though. I failed! I failed to catch with with being behind yesterday!
Though, through all of this, I have not yet given up on my plot. In fact, over the not writing my words, I have been improving my plot. Going over scenes, making gaps and timelines to see how much time there was between this event, and that event! Its been really fun! I love that stuff!

But what really matters was that I wrote my 774 words. At least I wrote something! Better than nothing!
Tomorrows goal is to get to 10,000. I have just written about 600 words in my notebook. And plan to write most of those words in the notebook.
I have this feeling about my notebook. It was just one of those cheap ones for the warehouse stationary. I was advised through watching NaNoWriMo survival kit videos, that a notebook was one accessory to have on you during the month.
But now I have to really weird connection to it! Like I carry it around the house with my pen, so that when I get an idea, I can jot it down right way. That way I lose nothing!
But the other great thing about having this notebook, is that when writing scenes, I don't have any word count to look at. So I just go through the scene, thinking about nothing but the scene and not my word count. Word count comes later!

Heads up to setting: Don't freak! But this story has a grave yard in it! (Small confession: I've only been in a grave yard twice. And it was the same grave yard. And it looks nothing like the one in my story!) Yes! A grave yard. This is actually an important part of the setting. (I shall not give to much
away) But as explained in earlier posts, I told the tale of the Neverland. Sounds like something from a children's fairy tale! And I away, we could say, the Neverland is kind of like a fairy tale to my characters. Only just a real one!

So the Neverland is the world beyond the city. It is hardly ever tread over due to the fear of what it holds. The Neverland is where the people of the city bury their dead. Making it a grave yard! (Makes sense?)

I personally like writing the Neverland parts!
The thought came to me today, that I should write a lullaby about the Neverland... I'm going to learn how to write a lullaby! Well see how it goes....

Author Inspiration: So I'm going to give you another video by Kami Gracia. She does some really good writing tip videos.
But here is her one on over coming writers block!

I feel the tips in her videos have really kick started a drive to keep on writing!


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day four

Word count: 6,202

My Word count should be at 6,668... but as you can tell, I am about 500 words behind.

Story behind the lost words: I've spent all day writing a story. But I want to tell another. I was writing scenes in my notebook last night. It was about 12 in the morning, and as you do at that point at night when you cant sleep, you do random stuff (well at least I do). I got this amazing idea for a scene that I had been thinking about.
So with my tablet as a light, I wrote for about and hour this scene.
It turned out to be a very good scene. Despite the being half a sleep when I wrote it.
So today it took that scene (turned out to be about over 300 words long.) and typed it into a new document.
It was so good, so clear, that I continued writing beyond it. Ending with about 1000 words to it!
Its an amazing, well written 1000 words! I am really happy with it.
But this scene is not right in line with where I stopped yesterday. its about 3,000 or so words after. (Something like that. I'm simply guessing!)

So it did not hit my word count right on the head today. But at least I'm happy with what I did write! And that is all that matters.
And since I am running low on my plot at the moment, I shall just write the scenes I am confined about. Then work from there. If I force myself, then I will just end up writing stupid meaningless dust! And believe you me, dust tastes horrible! Its not nice stuff to write! And its not nice stuff to read either!

Dear who ever told me that I was going to loose sleep over the month. Thank you for your complete honesty! The truth is, that I read a lot of tips on NaNoWriMo before I started. And one thing that most of them said was the loosing sleep part! Its day 4 and I am so tired! I'm loosing sleep over this novel! So it better be worth it in the end! I made a quote picture today... I confess right now at this moment for the terrible spelling and grammar. Its a part out of the scene I wrote today.
I don't mean to be mean to my characters! Or maybe I do... But it all the matter of character growth.

Author inspiration: Today's Author is Kami Gracia, author of beautiful Creatures! But today I am going to let her tell you herself. Here is her NaNoWriMo "How to start your novel" video.


Click on that link!
That was a great video on how I was feeling, when writing today!
Thank you Kami Gracia!

So I'm looking for a brighter day tomorrow where I can write more words than before!



Monday, 3 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day three/The trouble

Word count: 5,173

I hit the 5k mark! Its only day three, and I am trying my best not to give up! I cant give up! And I wont give up. No matter how hard it gets!
I am doing NaNoWriMo sick. My cold is kicking back in, the continuing headaches, so tired... I should not complain. The world is not going to end.

How is my story going? Today I gave myself some inspiration, reading plot summaries to popular young adult books similar in setting and genre to mine.
They helped me kick back into my plot. I re-wrote my summery, partly changing it. I found the confidence in having a outline/summery. Going over my plot in a couple of sentience's.

Keep your head up darling! Just don't ask! I'm going to make it through this. Today I rewarded my self with a nice coffee and chocolate! I am 173 words ahead of myself.

Author Inspiration: Again! I have been busy all day writing my novel and not looking for writers quotes! But there will always be one on here!
So today's quote is by Joseph Heller! "Every writer I know has trouble writing."
This is just music to my ears, that i am not the only one suffering from the hellish trouble!

Essay? Yeah Essay: I have also been bestowed with a essay. Yeah I have to write an essay. For my Graphic design course. A 2,000 word essay on the Italian Renaissance! And I will write that essay tomorrow! (As you may be able to tell, writing 2,000 words is kind of nothing to me now).



Saturday, 1 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day two/Freezing moments

Word count: 3,617

Making progress! Yes! I am not yet behind. I don't really know what to talk about! So this will just be a small post.
How is my story going? Well at the moment, no where! I going to go and shove my brain with so fiction. I'm reading the book Spark by Rachael Craw. I'm really liking it! I think I've got a soft spot for Sci Fi! (I read a lot of Sci Fi)

I'm waiting for my moment of clarity. The moment where I will sit down with my laptop and just write the most beautiful and meaningful words ever! But at the moment I am suck on what ever clumsy thing comes to mind! Racing my time and all that.

Author Inspiration: But to the topic of authors! I did a draw today. (meaning I had no idea which author would share their wisdom) so I chose Susan Collins. For all ye Sci Fi/Dystopia/futuristic/fantasy people, here is a quote by Susan Collins.
"Telling a story in a futuristic world gives you this freedom to explore things that bother you in contemporary time."
Very true! But also to the extent of being able to create your own world. Being able to express a situation in a way that someone can understand. (Parables, like Jesus did to help the people understand the deeper meanings. Writers do the same thing. Getting a message across in a story form.)


NaNoProgress: Day one/I all of a sudden forgot how to type!

Word count: 2,705

So today is day one of NaNoWriMo! I started at 12 am this morning, and wrote nothing due to writers block. It was quite tragic! I lay in bed sweating about it. It was something worthy to panic about. I had spent a whole month planning this novel out, and I couldn't even think of the words to put down!
Good news: Well I started with some journaling! It helped me remember how to type (yeah, in the panic I had almost forgotten) I wrote out the possible beginnings and stuck on one completely off my outline. But it works, and that's all that matters. The results of that meaning having to create a new character (who just happens to be a dead one. But a character all the same) 
I succeeded with hitting required daily word count, then going beyond that! 

This whole thing got me shaking! No kidding! My mind is not working like it should. Though I keep on having to go back to the NaNoWriMo motto "quantity, not quality,"and it all make perfect sense!   So I said I would through in a author quote in here everyday! And I've been wanting to share this first one for a while.

Authors Inspiration: A while ago I stumbled upon the Volg Brothers run by John and Hank Green. And yes you will be thinking, John Green!  The guy that wrote the fault in our stars? The saddest book ever. And yes its that John Green! I watch one of his vlogs that he did a couple of years back on NaNoWriMo. The thing that struck me about this guy was how funny he was (with the added dash of sarcasm along side that) and all I would think about when I was watching the video was "did this guy really write the fault in our stars?"

But any way! He made some good points about first drafts. He said that a first draft is never going to be good like the finished product. (and that it took him years to write all his novels) The way he put it was "Writing a book is like building a clay sculpture. The first draft is like digging the clay out of the ground, to make the sculpture!"
To me this makes sense. Cause with all the drafting, and re drafting, and more drafting. Its like building your sculpture. 

That is all I have for you today! I'm very tired.