Thursday, 20 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day twenty

Word count: 31,243

I have done zero words today! Its that bad! I have been finishing and editing my essay. But the good new about that, is that I will hand it in tomorrow! (it will be gone!)

So it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do over the weekend!

I wrote such a quote scene last night. I really love it. I feel likes its a bit wild, but definitely cute. I write all this quote lovey stuff from imagination, cause none of that has ever been an epic reality to me (which is not bad! Just means I have to stretch my mind out a little more)

I am really looking forward to writing the squeal. I had this great idea, and want to know what my characters do, and what they are keeping, and the decisions they are going to make!

Also, I am going to write a novella in Priss's perspective. :)

I'm just going crazy on all these ideas, and none of them are coming clear for the first book. I need to do the first book! Not the others!

It is 10 days to go. 10 days to finish. I will be staying at a friends house this weekend. And I feel really embarrassed that I will get to the sad parts, and just curl up into a ball and cry... I might happen. (its going to be crazy)
Its going to be an emotional ride towards the end. Cause it gets sadder and sadder the more the story progresses. (The feels!)

I finished reading Ignite me the third book in the Shatter me trilogy. I loved them! It ended just how I wanted it to. It was amazing, and devastating, and all out "Shatter me!"
Now I don't know what to read! I might go for The Selection series. Or The Jewel. Just something a little different, but still in my genre.

I'm running out of coffee, I have no chocolate, but I have a bit of money. So I am going to change all that!!! (I should go to bed)




  1. Sounds like we both will be doing catching up over the weekend. (Though you are WAY closer to the WC than I XD (Darn essays always get in the way) Good luck on your writing this weekend :)

  2. Arg, I have heaps to catch up on as well. Almost running out of coffee is terrible!!

    And also, I nominated you at my blog!