The Author

So I am Rachel! (you should have picked up on that in the blog title) 
I'm a Home-schooled teen, going onto study Graphic Design! 

What am I? 

I'm your shy type, the girl that kind of just stands in the corner and watches everyone. I tend to keep to my small group of friends, and tend to hold onto the friendships I make. I am guarded in "real life," I've been told I mysterious by many people, which makes me laugh, cause its true, but never thought that people would think that! So I'm the mystery girl!  
My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFJ. 

What do I like? 

I like the sound of rain falling hard, and the sound of thunder crashing. (earth quakes give me thrills) I like drinking coffee, and eating chocolate. I like all things old and vintage. I have a collection of real artifact from the 2nd world war. I love beautiful music, and things that mean something. 
I like reading books, and taking trips to the library. 
I also like black-outs, so that I can light candles and play with the wax, and watch the flames dance!  

What do I do?

I love writing and doing art. And that is what I want to do as a career! I enjoy drawing, also painting and sculpting with clay. I tend to be very good at what I put my hands to, and like learning new skills.

I love writing: Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a writer. And now this year I am writing my first ever novel! I like to write Sci Fi/YA/Dystopia

Me and my Blog

So in truth, you will get to know me through my posts. I am open and expressive in each post. I love blogging and I love people who read my blog. (I love reading other peoples blogs. So If you have one, let me know, cause I would love to read it) 
I blog mostly about my writing experience, and other random things.  

What do I look like? I mean, I haven't shared any photos yet. But I will. I am yet to find a photo I love of me. (There will be one, trust me!)   



  1. Hey! I nominated you for an awesome blogging award on my blog!

    1. Hey Adriana! Thanks for the Nomination, but I have already done both of these :( I enjoyed your answers though! :)