Tuesday, 4 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day four

Word count: 6,202

My Word count should be at 6,668... but as you can tell, I am about 500 words behind.

Story behind the lost words: I've spent all day writing a story. But I want to tell another. I was writing scenes in my notebook last night. It was about 12 in the morning, and as you do at that point at night when you cant sleep, you do random stuff (well at least I do). I got this amazing idea for a scene that I had been thinking about.
So with my tablet as a light, I wrote for about and hour this scene.
It turned out to be a very good scene. Despite the being half a sleep when I wrote it.
So today it took that scene (turned out to be about over 300 words long.) and typed it into a new document.
It was so good, so clear, that I continued writing beyond it. Ending with about 1000 words to it!
Its an amazing, well written 1000 words! I am really happy with it.
But this scene is not right in line with where I stopped yesterday. its about 3,000 or so words after. (Something like that. I'm simply guessing!)

So it did not hit my word count right on the head today. But at least I'm happy with what I did write! And that is all that matters.
And since I am running low on my plot at the moment, I shall just write the scenes I am confined about. Then work from there. If I force myself, then I will just end up writing stupid meaningless dust! And believe you me, dust tastes horrible! Its not nice stuff to write! And its not nice stuff to read either!

Dear who ever told me that I was going to loose sleep over the month. Thank you for your complete honesty! The truth is, that I read a lot of tips on NaNoWriMo before I started. And one thing that most of them said was the loosing sleep part! Its day 4 and I am so tired! I'm loosing sleep over this novel! So it better be worth it in the end! I made a quote picture today... I confess right now at this moment for the terrible spelling and grammar. Its a part out of the scene I wrote today.
I don't mean to be mean to my characters! Or maybe I do... But it all the matter of character growth.

Author inspiration: Today's Author is Kami Gracia, author of beautiful Creatures! But today I am going to let her tell you herself. Here is her NaNoWriMo "How to start your novel" video.


Click on that link!
That was a great video on how I was feeling, when writing today!
Thank you Kami Gracia!

So I'm looking for a brighter day tomorrow where I can write more words than before!



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