Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Completions of Clandestine Draft One

Hello Readers.

So I have some big news! On January 27th 11:50 I finished draft one of my first ever novel Clandestine! Yes, this is the first book for me ever to complete writing. Even better the fact that I finished it 10 minutes before midnight! Wooo!

My reaction to this was just staring at the screen and thinking, "well...I got a heck of a lot of work ahead of me.." But I'm done. That's all that matters at this point.
Over that last day or two I have been cleaning it up a bit, and turning all the more cuss words into Latin. (It's really fun to try and say Latin words with force...)

I have spent about three months working on the first draft. I wrote the 50k of it over November for NaNoWriMo. And the remaining 15k over the holiday period. I am now resting at 65k. Which is really good for a first draft. (at least I think)

I have spent such a long time inside my character's head. Walking her world, and doing things that I would never have done in real life. Lets just say I have learned a lot. And seeing that the plot went in a completely different direction.

I owe it all to  my characters. They lead me through the whole way. All I could do was be dragged along behind. The joys of being a writer...I just got no say in what was happening. And catch myself yelling at them "Listen to me will you?!" and they're just like "No way!"

(Picture looks like my MC Iris) 

The plan is now to print it off and start doing the whole crazy highlighter thing. But it will be fun to read my work on paper. Cause for the past three months all I have seen is the story on screen. I like the story. It's really hard to explain to people what it's about. I hear in a lot of writing circles and sites, saying "Write what you want to read" or something like that. And this story is full of all these places, things and stories that I love. It's the kind of book I want to read.
A mix of dystopia, secret garden, the Bronte sisters work, fantasy elements, political conflict, sci fi, etc..etc. The story is simply about the effects of past events/mistakes, playing out. And how the death of one person can set fire to everything you had ever tried to keep hidden. Technically all a power game. (very hard to explain.) I'm going to try and write out a worthy synopsis...  


Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to be Invisible and Rule the World: MC's Names Announced

Hello Readers.

If you don't know what I mean by "How to be Invisible and Rule the World" then you might need to read my introductory post about it HERE.

(It is always such a mouth full to say this title, but it looks weird when I break it down HTBIARTW...) 

I am going to write How to be Invisible and Rule the World for Camp NaNo in April. And as some of you know, I am a plotter. I want everything planned and plotted before I write it down. So the months before a deadline project, I will be filling up Pinterests boards, scribbling every thought that comes to mind, planning out Characters history. So on and So on. Back breaking work... kidding, that's the fun part.

So today I set out to find names for my two MC's. And pictures. And I found them! With the help of my Mother I settled on the perfect names.

 Male MC: Gabriel Henderson. Female MC: Inga Wandering 

The story is narrated by the two points of view. I still don't know much about these characters yet. But I will try my best. 

Gabriel is the cool kid at Highschool. He has it all. Everyone likes him, everyone sees him. He's beautiful (and he knows it) He plays sports. We get the point. You ask him how he does it, and he will just say "Well, it comes naturally" (What a Jock) 

Inga is a wallflower. She's invisible, that one person that no one notices. She is smart, but even more talent in the art of Oblivion. Most times you'll find her standing against a wall hugging her back to her chest. 

Both of these characters are from completely different worlds. They live the complete opposite lives. And its's my job to help them clash in something amazing!

This is not a romance novel. Though can girls and boys be just friends without falling for each-other??? It's something I find hard to get around. Let me know what you think. 

This is my first ever Contemporary novel. So I'm really exited. Hope you like my Characters, and their stranger names. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Art Tutorial: Princess of the Wood

Hello Readers/followers

I have something exiting for you today. I have made a step by step art tutorial for you. I am not a professional artist. But I'm pretty good. I have had years of practice, just teaching myself how to draw. And I have gotten so much better.

So I wanted to share my process. And give you all some tips with drawing. It's mostly shading tips. Cause shading is one of the most important parts of a drawing, it's what makes it come alive.

Fist off you are going to need these tools: 

  • 2H shade pencil 
  • HB shade pencil
  • 4B shade pencil
  • 6B shade pencil
  • Pencil sharpener 
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler
  • A4 sized piece of paper. (in this tutorial I am using a A3, that is double the size. But that is just so you can see the detail better. An A4 is a normal sized piece of paper) 
  • A couple of ear cleaners (the sicks with the cotton ends) 
  • Music (I can't draw without it)

I will be drawing this picture I found on Pinterest. Now  I know what you are thinking. "Rachel! This is far to hard, how in the world is anyone suppose to draw that!!??" Just calm down will you!
This is highly possible to draw. 
I am cutting out the hat. And doing it all in black and white. 
I am just going to say now. My drawing is not going to be a carbon copy of this photo. Nothing is perfect. And everything you draw, will become your style. So walk with me. 

And also. The techniques I show you, can be used in jst about any drawing. So you doing have to do just this one. 

Step one: You will need your 2H pencil (make sure it's sharp) and just draw and naked outline of the figure. Starting with a circle for the head, and move on to a general shape. This does not have to be perfect. And I give you are aloud to scribble. Do not make hard lines! Go gently with the pencil. 

Step two: Dimensions. You will need to look at the photo for this. Use your ruler to make lines to where everything on the face and body line up. (this is an optional step. It just helps you get things more in proportion) Make sure you are still using a 2H pencil. 

Step three: Fix the places that were out of shape. And start adding things such as: Nose, eye holes (eyes need to be first drawn looking like an almond) I am not added the mouth yet, cause I personally don't feel comfortable drawing it. So I what till the end to do that. But you can do it if you feel comfortable. (keep on using the 2H for this step) Skip to step twelve and thirteen if you want to know how to draw the mouth. 

Step four:  Taking your 2H pencil draw out the shape of the hair. This only needs to be light, and have no additional shape to it. 
And you may also add the shape of the iris to the eye. 

Step five: You may now move to your HB shade pencil. And start adding darker lines and detail the the eyes and nose. But keep it light, cause if you need to erase, and your lines are to hard set, then you are kinda screwed. 

Step six: Still using your HB, add the pupils to the middle of the iris. And with the HB, start lightly coloring in, leaving a small space of it white. This makes it shine as if it were reflecting light. 

Step seven: Now using the 4B shade. Add darker lines to the eyes, and add more color to the iris, but still leaving that one space white. 

Step eight: Using your HB again (this is a hard step) start adding patterns of how you want the hair to fall and be formed. Every time adding many little streaks, like you are drawing each individual piece of hair. In order to do this, you must do this lightly, yet at a pass, this in-orders you to get more of it done and with a streaky look. 
Like with the eyes, You will want the hair to shine. This is more easy that you think. You must leave a white gape. So when drawing the hair, you go from the top "streak streak," the go from the bottom to the top "streak streak" and leave that small gape of white. 

Step nine:  Use your 4B pencil to add more depth to the hair, giving it more detail. 

Step ten: Now for the face. Using you HB, you start adding shadows the the features. As seen in the step ten picture. The face starts to stand out. In order to to this, you my shade softly with the pencil. You want the skin to look smooth, and not scratchy. 

Step eleven: Using your 4B start adding shadow from the hair to the back. Now you can use the cotton tip/ear cleaner. and rub it over the shadows that you have implied to the face. This is smudging it. But it helps make the skin look smooth, and shiny. 

Step twelve: Now if you are like me, and are scared of doing mouths. Then this is why you have waited. If not, "Hi" So you have this space left, and that is right under the nose and right above the chin. I can not tell you "How" to draw a mouth. You are going to have to do the first couple of tries till you get the right one in a 2H pencil. 
All I can tell you about a mouth: is that the top lip is smaller and has a heart shaped piece that sits right under the middle of your nose. And the bottom lip is always much more filled out. 

Step thirteen: Use the HB to shade the lips. And use your 4B to fill in the mouth. 

Step fourteen: This one is just cause I never did anything for the dress and the ribbon. The ribbon needs the same effect as the skin and the hair. Leave the light gapes to make it shine. 
And I don't really know how I did the dress. Just improvise I guess... (sorry)

And this is how it should end. At least, this is how it ended for me. Don't forget to sign your work. And take a photo, I would love to see/know if this helped you in any way. Let me know what you think, and if I should do another one. 
(I didn't end up using a 6B. The 6B shade is one of the darker shades. You would use that if your hair was going to be darker, or if you needed more depth.)
If you have any questions. Please ask in the comments below. :) :) :) 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Art of Characters Linkup: Protagonists

Hello Readers.

So I've been doing a lot of blogging in the past couple of days. But that is okay. Hopefully you don't all mind me over loading this blog. But I might as well make the best of it.

Today I would like to do a link up created by Victoria over at Tori's Blog. I found this and got really exited. Anything to do with building and sharing more about a character is always tons of fun,

So there are some rules (so you guys can do it too)

Step 1.) Find three pieces of art that describe your character. This can be your own drawings or cosplays or sculptures, someone else's art (with their permission and/or crediting of course), celebrity pictures, or a combination of the three.

Step 2.) Answer the questions below about your character's description and link back to this blog so if anyone else wants to participate they know where to go.

Step 3.) Put it all in a blog post.

Step 4.) When you post it, link up here and you're done! (the link above)

So I am going to do Jack Heron from the Neverland Trilogy. He is not the main focus in the first book. But he does come into the second and third book more. But I thought Iris might be a bit hard to do for this link up. And cause Iris narrates the first book, we don't get highly detailed glimpse at her. But with Jack, Iris is always keeping an eye on him. So I have this highly detailed description of his outer appearance.

I have not done any drawings of him. Nore of any other characters. (Though I can draw, and I love to. I just have been really lazy about it lately...) So here are just some photos I found on Pinterest. None of these pictures belong to me.

First picture of him. It took ages to find something that looked close enough to him. 

Drawing by Burge Bug (at least I think that is how you spell it) I like this drawing,
cause it makes me think of Jack and Iris. (Iris has white hair)

Another photo I found on Pinterest.

1.) What does your character's eye, skin, and hair color tell about him/her?

Jack is a Shadow. So he has dark brown hair, and deep dark brown eyes. That is the common trait in the appearance of any shadow. Very dark. The think about his (shadows) eyes, is that they look like they are looking into your very soul. Shadow eyes make you think that they can see the darkest parts of you. And to an extent, that is very true. 
Skin on the other hand. He just has kinda light bronze, maybe, I don't know. 

2.) What does your character's hairstyle tell about him/her?

Jack has really thick long hair. When I say long, I don't mean hippy. I mean thick lots of hair that fall all over his head. This hair style shows that Jack is really care free, (most guys are) But Jack is from a rather wealthy family. And is expected to reach expectations of someone from his rank. But he doesn't care. He spends most of his time on the street. 

3.) What does your character's default outfit tell about him/her?

Oh this is my favorite Jack question. Again going back to Shadow culture. They wear everything dark. And by dark I mean black and dark grey, (sounds like batman...) any way. 
So Jack will always be wearing black jeans (skinny jeans) and a black hoodie with a huge hood that covers up the face really well. That is when he is not wearing a school uniform though. But he's always wearing the Jacket. 
He's almost always wearing the hood, so you can't see his full face. And I feel like he does that to hide who he really is. 

4.) Does he/she have an object(s) he/she carries around a lot?

Jack does have this ring on a woven bracelet. The ring has a mysterious bird on it. But he has no idea what it is, or what the ring is for. His Grandmother left it for him in her Will. But to Jack this item is very important to him.  

5.) Does he/she have any particular scars or birthmarks?

I don't know actually. I don't know Jack well enough to know if he has anything like that.  

6.) Does he/she have any piercings or tattoos?

Shadows tend to get things like this. Tattoos, piercings. Crazy things like that. But then again. I don't think Jack has anything like that currently. Though he might end up having a tattoo in the second book. 

7.) How does he/she carry themselves? Shoulders back? Eye contact? Eyes down? Slumped shoulders?

Jack tends to be a very guarded, yet sly. He often keeps his head down. But when he smiles, Iris says "The look he gives me is the look I would think a murder would give his victim before he stabbed them to death." In other words, he has a sly smile. 
He walks straight. That shows that he has been bought up in a higher class house hold. 

8.) What is his/her default expression? Smiling? Frowning? Solemn?

He kind of just has a very serene expression. But distant, like he's waiting for something to happen. 

9.) Does he/she wear make-up or face paint?

At one point in the first book Jack has his face painted. But that is the only time. Other wise, no. 

10.) Does his/her physical appearance change at any time? For example: If they have a power do their eyes glow or hair turn blue?

Nope. Jack stays the same. Though on powers. The Shadow race have a gift of a kind. (it doesn't change them) But if a Shadow is trained well enough. They can tune into a persons death frequency. So can hear a persons death song in a way. But not many Shadows are Strong enough to hold it. Or don't want to learn how cause its to painful. (That was random. But I just had to share..)

So that is it. This was a great link up! Thanks Victoria. :)


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Hello Readers.

So Adriana Tagged me to do the Sister Hood of the World Blogger Award! Thank you so much. I love it how I have been excepted into this online community of writers and bloggers. And we do these amazing tags and such. It's really good.

As you might have noticed, I have not been blogging so much lately. And I know I should, cause my holidays are coming to a close and I don't will not have that much time on my hands. But I promise, to myself and everyone who follows me on my journey. I will be making time to do writing and blogging. Even though I'm not payed to do it (I wish I was though, that would be amazing) But it's my dream to become a writer and I will never put that down, EVER!

On to the tag. (I have seen hardly anyone outside my family since last term/Christmas. I need human 
interaction. That is why I'm talking so much. Just bare with me.)

Rules for this tag:

Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

Post the Award logo on your blog.

Answer the ten question they've set you

Make up ten questions for your nominees to answer

Nominate ten people

 Mint Chip Ice Cream or Cookie Dough? (Yes, this is the first question. Priorities people!)

I would have to go for the Mint Chip Ice-Cream. But to be Honest, I will eat just about any Ice-Cream. I'm not that picky. 

Favorite book you have read so far in 2015?

*guilty face* I have not finished any books in this new year. I have just not been in a reading mood. But I did go back to an old favorite, and read parts of it over the early course of this month. And that is Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti. It was about two years ago that my youth pastor gave me a copy, cause that was what we were studying for small groups.
And I keep on going back to it, again, and again, and again. And the older I get, and the more I have gotten to know the opposite gender (P.S. As of last year, I finally got to talking to them. I was a scared little thing. And it turns out guys aren't that bad. I'm ashamed of myself ....) 
I have gotten so much out of this book. It really it amazing! 


 All time favorite book/series you read in 2014

Wow this is a hard one. Cause I read a couple of book series last year. But I think I am going to have to say the Hunger Games. Only cause that series impacted me so greatly. I think about it all the time, I cry about it (even now). I am such a big fan. But I think cause it was so well written. And the depth to it to so eminence.

What is your Favorite song right now? 

I have an interesting answer. And that is Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding. I kinda fell in love with this song (like I do all her music)

Your all time favorite blog post from last year? 

I suppose you mean my own blog post. The post I enjoyed the most was writing out My Writing Wishlist. That one was so fun to do, cause I got to share some of the story ideas I am dying to write.

What is your favorite blog you recently discovered? Why?

I don't really have a "Favorite blog" and have not come over any new ones recently. But the last blog that I checked up on that I had found last year. Was Kiera Cass's Website. And she has a blog on there. I lover her writing. And I watch her vlogs. Her websites HERE 

If there is one blogger you could meet and spend the day with, who would it be? Why?

Haha (I want to say this with out sounding creepy...) I seriously love all these bloggers to pieces. They are some of the greatest people I have ever met, (and never met) But you all live so far away! I mean even you guys that live in Australia, that is a long way away (although you guys have higher chances of meeting me cause I have family over there...) 
Any way. So its hard its a hard decision to make... But I am going to go with the girl that tagged me for this tag, Adriana Gabrielle. I would love to meet this internet buddy, she is amazing, hands down.

When you go to the bookstore are you most likely to purchase a book you have read but don’t own or a brand new book?

I would most likely get myself one I have not read. But it would be one that I had read reviews and stuff on. (Fun Fact: All the books I've read in YA, I don't even own. I get them out from the library. Got to love the library)

How do you feel about e-readers? Do you like them? Use them? or do you prefer actual books?

I have a tablet with and E-reader on it. But I find it hard to read books on a screen. I focus better when I read something on paper. I have noting against E-readers. But personally would much rather the real thing. And when I have my book published, I would want it in paper copy's, and not just E-books. I want to hold my "Baby" in my hands!!!

 Okay! Fantasy time! Merfolk or Vampires?

Merfolk/Mermaid. I don't fancy Vampires all that much. I just had to share this picture....

My set of questions:

  • When writing, do you keep a notebook near-by to write down anything that comes to mind?
  • Are you a morning, or a night person?
  • Song you have stuck in your mind?
  • What was the last book you read?
  • What is the meaning of life? 
  • Have you ever just started crying when writing a scene?
  • Have you ever met an author face to face? If so, what was it like?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Your life is now the last movie/TV show you watched. What was that? And are you happy or worried? 
  • You one day stumble upon a time machine. You can go to one period in time. And you can take someone from your current time with you. Who would you take? And what where would you go? Plot twist: You have to stay in that period forever, with that one person you took with you. Chose wisely.  

Hope you all liked these questions. (I'm dying to know how you will answer them.) 

I don't think I know ten blogger. But I shall do my best.

And if there are any of you that I have not tagged. Then pleas feel free to do it. And comment your link below so I can see it. Cause I would love to read it!

Until Next Time.

Music Memories | The Ember Days

There is something beautiful about songs bring back memories. Both good ones and bad ones. A song will remind us of something that happened years ago. And that memory will come right back to us. 

It was early 2013. My first year at Central Baptist youth Group. Me and my friend Diana had planned a day, where we were going to go to a Girls Brigade event, then on to The Ember Days concert that night with our youth group. 
Yes I know, I was a Girls Brigade girl. I am no longer. I did it for about a year or so with my younger sisters. Though I didn't go to Diana's company. I meet her at her company when I was testing it out. And then I found out that she went to CB, and boom, we have been friends ever since. 

So we went to the Girls Brigade event. There was not very many of us Pioneers there. Only a selection I had never met before. Among those was a girl who is now my closest of friends. I can not believe its been over two years since I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. Those people I see as God given. That goes to show that God knows what is happening with your future. And gives you the people to help you make it through. People that will never leave you, know matter what. 

That night we attended The Ember Days concert. I hate to say this, but it was a bit boring. So I sat with Diana and just listened to their music playing in the background. And the song that I never forget it Awake. It's such a beautiful song. It's so deep. And I am sad to say, I did not understand the song. I did not get any of the music, any of the messages. I was 14 and a bit stupid. 

I love all the worship songs out there. I love all the ones from Hillsong, and Jesus Culture, and all the others. But this one is one of the most beautiful lyrics. So simple, but so full of hope. 

Bring me back again
Let me see again
Oh you lay down for us
We are yours forever
Clothed in righteousness
You gave nothing less
Grace keeping me whole
Love making me free

Your the fire inside
That makes me come alive

I love how we see Christ as fire, clothed in righteousness. Setting us free from our iniquity.

Awake my heart
Awake Awake my soul 
Revive me Lord
Come and make me whole
Awake my soul

Bring me back again
Hope that never ends
Giving all for us
You have our devotion
Taste and see your love
Coming from above
Oh Great one that redeems
I fall at Your feet

I need you my God
I need you to breathe
Come now Lord Jesus awaken my soul to sing

So there are the lyrics for you. I think what I like about it the most is the reveling of the beauty of what Jesus did for us. And it think a lot of us fail at seeing the beauty of being in Gods family. So that is my story. 
The song that brings back memories. The song that brings me back/
Thank for reading my music rant. 

Check out The Ember Days at their WEBSITE, YOUTUBE 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to be Invisible and Rule the World

Hello readers.

All those plot bunnies. I seriously love the term. Its so cute! And I just keep on getting them. But the other day I was getting ready for church. (I hadn't been out of the house for ages.)
And the idea just came to me. What if the oblivious kid had to teach the cool kid how to be invisible?

The inspiration came from the thought of social order. And being a teenager I would know. I've never been to school, but that does not mean I was never categorized. We all have to fit into one. No one can not be in one. Cause we like to think in scales.

Over my teenage life I have seen myself, one way or another, Invisible. I remember the first time I ever thought that.
I know so many teenage's who say: I'm not pretty enough, I'm too fat, etc. The list will go on. But for me, I'm happy with my self image. I am confident that I'm pretty and in good shape. I just have to look in the mirror and smile. (You're never fully dressed without a smile)
But I have always felt oblivious. I've always felt invisible.

But all over all I can see that I am the perfect image of a Wallflower

Wall flower definition:

  • person who, because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner,remains at the side at a party or dance.
  • Any person that remains on or has been forced to the sidelines of any activity.
Honestly when I read the definition the other night, I threw my hands in the air and said "I'm a Wallflower!"
So that is a brief history on the current teenage life of Rachel Day. And that leads me to my point. I don't know if anyone realized that being invisible/oblivious, or being a wall flower has its rules, has its tricks.  But no one has ever wanted to learn how. Cause we always want to be better rather than worse. We all want to get to the top.  
So that leaves us Wallflowers standing there with all our talent in the art of oblivion. 

That leads me to the story (sorry guys... I could go on for days about this stuff)

What if one day, someone who was popular, everyone saw them, everyone knew them. Had to become invisible? They had to learn the arts of oblivion, and turned to the kid that no one really cared about, and they taught them how. 
I often think about this. I very often thinking about how I could show someone what it looks like in the world of wallflowers.

I came up with the title 10 minutes after coming up with the idea. Which is weird, cause it was like 10 minutes... But I love it, its perfect, its a very me title, 

So after my endless rambling about this new story idea, I shall tell you how and when this is going to be.
I am going to write How to be Invisible and Rule the World for camp NaNoWriMo. So for the next couple of weeks I will be outlining, and creating characters and plots (you know the drill) 

(P.s: Hope you like the cover, I made it myself.)

I also have a Pinterest board for it Book Ideas: How to be Invisible and Rule the World

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Clandestine: Chapter 10

I just had this urge to share my favorite Chapter from Clandestine with you guys . And that chapter just happens to be chapter 10. This chapter came out of the blue, and I love it. 
I have shared small parts of this chapter in previous posts, but never the full chapter it's self. 

I have already shared two other chapters from this story on my blog. (Chapter One) and (Another Chapter) So give them a read if you like this one. None of these chapters contain spoilers, and if you like my story stay tuned for character interviews and my random posts about it.

Also while I'm on the rant about it. Please remember that all of this is my property. I didn't put that in any of the other ones, but I just want to put that out there. This is my baby, and I have spend hours/weeks/months working on this. So don't steal it!  
Sorry if there are any spelling or punctuation mistakes, or things that don't make any sense. This is only my first draft. 

(P.S I'm sorry for the swearing that comes up. I am yet to create colorful ways for my characters to talk. Fun Fact: Shadows are a bit heavier on the language side.) Edit note: I have recently cut out those bits, haha. 

The hour is at 2, meaning that (School) hours are over. The rest of the afternoon is available for study time. Research, the center is a gold mine for information. What’s left of the ancient world is stored in archives, the libraries and monasteries keep the last of the ancient possessions and books that once were.
I run up the steps to the library. Loy and Priss said they would be up there in the afternoon… I haven’t seen Loy all day, and Priss only in the fleeting moments of class. Even though we are all in the same year, our classes run differently. They place us due to our academic skill.
I see Loy sitting by himself in the foyer, I suspect Priss went home.

I seat myself next to him on one of the sofas in the library foyer. I feel some what safer next to him. I look about anxiously; I haven’t seen him in about an hour now.
He’s never going to find me in here!
Iris” – “What are you doing?” Asks Loy as I crouch right into him as I see him and the window. Hiding my face in his sleeve.
I squeeze my eyes shut, so all I can see is pitch black, holding my breath.
Maybe now I can be invisible!
Iris.” I just shake my head into his arm at the words.
He lifts my head up out of his arm. “Iris,” this time I open my eyes, looking from the window back to the confused face of Loy.
He’s gone!
Loy staring long and hard at me, “You've been acting paranoid all day… Would you like to tell me what’s going on?”
I shudder as I breathe out. Do I trust Loy? He’s been my best friend for the better part of 10 years. But would he understand my spare of the moment mistake, that promises to haunt me for the rest of my days?
My thoughts rush over all the possible consequences.
He searches my eyes for an answer to the question. Loy would know if I’m lying.
Swallowing my guilt I look to the window again, no face.
Someone’s watching me!” It’s the truth, just not the full truth.
Someone’s watching you?” I nod my head at the repeated words.
You mean, like stalking?” I just shrug my shoulders. I don’t know whether I would call it stalking exactly. But watching, definitely!
Look!” I half whisper. “All I know is that he’s a shadow, about 18. And he’s been watching my every move all day… and I don’t feel safe.”

The look on his face is almost half convinced. I’m scared of what the shadow might do! What if he gave me way? The truth is I’m scared of myself.
Maybe you should talk to the principle?”
No! I can’t do that!”
Why not?” I bite my lip. “I just don’t want …” I don’t know how to finish the sentence.
Look! If you see him, then point him out to me. Meanwhile, go and do something in the library bookshelves.”
I've just dug myself a nice deep hole. I don’t know what to do. Does Loy really believe my story? Or maybe he sees there’s more to it.
I look about once more. “Okay”
He gives me a brief hug. I cling onto him as long as he allows me to.

I take Loy’s advice and sit in the library. I cram myself into a corner. It was as far back as I could possibly go. No ones going to come down these set of shelves. The shelves are crammed full of books on the law of math.
I couldn't imagine anyone coming to get out books on the law of math at this time!
I allow myself to relax at the thought of it. Even laughing a bit!
I continue with sketch in my book. My pencil creating shapes and patterns on the paper, slowly creating a picture.
I find myself fixated on my work, diving into a world that only art can take me.
I almost forget about this morning’s incident completely.

I look at my work. I've written the word Cest la Vie. The word is from the ancient language called French. Fray told us that once. But no one ever speaks it anymore. There are books here at the library that are all in the language. But it was all lost after the Fall.
She told us that the word meant life happens. I ponder on the thought of that. Life happens, but no always for the better.

All of a sudden I feel the presence of someone in isle. I keep my pencil moving on the page, not wanting to make eye contact with the person. Although, who wouldn't notice a girl sitting on the ground in the corner of a bookshelf?
I can’t take it! I look up.
Tenebris!” I scream, slamming my sketchbook closed.
Don’t scream for goodness sake! We're in a library!” says the Shadow boy. His hood is over his head, shielding his face. Why does he have to have it like that? It’s freaky.
Take off the hood!” I demand. I see him smile through the shadow. He removes it, revealing his full face. A mess let of brown hair lies all over his head. His face is handsome, but I try not to let it distract me.
I hug my book close to my chest, pressing my back hard into the corner. Hard enough to hurt.
He looks behind himself, then to me.
What do you want?” I shiver; the question seems to bring revelation to his face.
He crouches down in front of me. “What’s your name?”
Mistral…” I don’t want to give him my first name. He nods at the name. He takes a deep breath, running his finger through his hair.
He leans right into my face; there is nothing but inches keeping us apart.
I wonder if he can hear my heart beating! I’m locked in his eyes. They are beautifully dark like my own. But dangerous.
You should be more careful next time!”
My stomach turns as he waits for my answer. But the words don’t come. I can’t bring myself to speak. I just nod my head vigorously in reply.
Good!” He says as he pushes himself back.

I watch him walk away. He looks back at me only once. I can’t read his expression.
What was that? It’s like he was trying to warn me. But who would warn someone after they saw them break a law?
I go over all the reasons in my head. But none of them match up.
Something sits on the ground in front of me. I grab it from the carpeted floor.
It’s a bracelet. Woven in thick dark threads. A single silver ring is strung onto it. I've never seen a ring like it before. The silver is carved in with swirls that create and imperial look. And on the front is a carved image of a strange bird in flight.
He must have dropped it. I slip it over my wrist. His face keeps coming back to me. His words echoing in my head. I don’t understand. And I don’t even care to anymore.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lyric Medley Tag

I was tagged by Wild Horse. Thank you so much for tagging me, I'm really looking forward to doing this. And even more exited, cause this is my first blog post through my new Laptop. Currently I'm sitting on my bed with my Spotify playlist running. So I see it as most appropriate to do so. 

The Rules:   

  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you. 
  • Make a collage that represents your taste in music (or, if you don't feel like it, you can use mine) to go along with with your tag post. 
  • List 10 song lyrics (along with song titles and artist) and their genres to go with and emotion/scenario (you can come up with your own or use the ones that the person who who tagged you used). 
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers 

Birdy | Ellie Goulding | Hillsong | Broods | Boyce  Avenue | Jesus Culture | Tigertown | Lorde | Pentatonix | Lindsey Stirling | The Civil Wars | The Paper Kites | Christian Perri

It took me a while to find all the pictures. But I love the collage all the same. None of them are in favorite order. All of these artist are amazing. And over the past year I have been discovering what my taste in music was. And not just listening to it cause all my friends were (all the cool kids) I like it's important to find what you like. Cause the music you listen to shapes your life in a way. It tells others who you are...

Song that makes me want to cry:
You're worth it | Cimorelli 
(when my friend sent me the link, I watched it, and one minute in I was in tears. Crying hard out. I'm told that lots of others had the same response to it. So here is the Link to the Music Video: You're Worth It)

Song that I play on repeat:
Safe and Sound | Taylor Swift

Song that makes me feel calm:
My Fathers Father | The Civil Wars

Song that makes me feel rebellious:
Heart Attack | Demi Lovato 
(Haha, I have no idea why)

Song that makes me feel sleepy:
Sleep Baby Sleep | Broods 
(Its a lullaby)

Song that makes me feel battle-ready:
Yellow Flicker Beat | Lorde

Song that makes me feel wistful:
Beating Heart | Ellie Goulding

Song that makes me feel sad:
Give me a reason | Pink & Nate Ruess

Song that makes me think of summer:
Ready or not | Bridgit Mendler

Song that I want played at my funeral (optional):
If I Die Young | The Band Perry
(If I die young, I want this song played.)
Let Her Go | Passenger 
(That is my other option. A. cause I love the song, B. cause its about letting a lover go. And in away I think it tells that you don't know how much you love someone till their taken away from you) 

Lovely! This is a really cool tag. So now I have to tag so people. 

Again, a big thanks to Wild Horse. And don't forget to look over at her blog Opal Swirls. And the other bloggers/blogs that I have nominated.