Friday, 14 November 2014

NaNoProgess: Day fourteen/Writers block

Word count: 22,686

It is a number! Not today's full word count, but a nice looking number. I wrote 1,195 words this afternoon, cause that was when all my words started flowing. I was not I a completely sane state of mind this morning. My head ache was pretty bad. I have stopped counting how many weeks its been since I've been this Ill person. But its alright. (I don't like talking about it) I cry a lot. My emotions get the better of me sometimes, and I snap like a little twig. (But that is besides the point completely)

What I did do today was (had a small amount of social life on the wind swept sands of Foxton beach. It was horrible!)

How I deal with WRITERS BLOCK: Every one has a method one way or another, Kami Gracia did a video on it today, so check that out here.
The way I deal with this pesky little bug, I got on Pintrest, and look at pictures of my characters, and run over copious amount of quote pictures. or YouTube, and watch clips of some of my favorite movies. Like the cute romantic scenes, that get me smiling like and idiot (I'm ridiculous). And another thing I get up to in this time is making quote pictures of my story. Grabbing a picture off Pintrest, and I will go to Pic Monkey and make these amazing quote pictures. Sometimes this quote will just come to me, its not even a quote I have written yet. And after making these pictures, I will start to think "wow! This is an amazing quote, where can I use this?" so then I will start wanting to write.
Another thing I will do, and I do this even while writing. I will go to Spotify and just listen to all my favorite songs, and tunes! Music is amazing! I love it! Sometimes/most of the time. when I'm home along, I will just crank it up loud, and sing along with these songs while I write! I'm not the most amazing singer, but I love singing. It give me pleasure doing it. And when no ones around, that is when I am most confident.

Characters: So I made two character profiles today. I am going to make a page on this blog just for characters. But I am yet to do that. But here is Jacks and Alice's

 I am just so exited over them! So I just had to share them. There will be more of them! I've already told so much about Alice, in all these other post, Day nine, and others, if you serf all those many many posts, you are bound to find another!

But then we have pretty face Jack Heron. (For the record, I came up with the name, completely by myself.) Any way! Jack Heron is my male MC. And I love him to bits. Like really, he is amazing!
Tomorrow I will share some of him with you guys! Cause I want more time to go over this character.

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It means a lot to me that people are actually reading these! So big thank you's all around! *Giving you a virtual high five*


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