Wednesday, 5 November 2014

NaNoProgress: Day five/grave yards and lullaby's

Word count: 6,976

I updated my word count by 774 words today... (Weeping bitterly) I really did feel like crying today though. I failed! I failed to catch with with being behind yesterday!
Though, through all of this, I have not yet given up on my plot. In fact, over the not writing my words, I have been improving my plot. Going over scenes, making gaps and timelines to see how much time there was between this event, and that event! Its been really fun! I love that stuff!

But what really matters was that I wrote my 774 words. At least I wrote something! Better than nothing!
Tomorrows goal is to get to 10,000. I have just written about 600 words in my notebook. And plan to write most of those words in the notebook.
I have this feeling about my notebook. It was just one of those cheap ones for the warehouse stationary. I was advised through watching NaNoWriMo survival kit videos, that a notebook was one accessory to have on you during the month.
But now I have to really weird connection to it! Like I carry it around the house with my pen, so that when I get an idea, I can jot it down right way. That way I lose nothing!
But the other great thing about having this notebook, is that when writing scenes, I don't have any word count to look at. So I just go through the scene, thinking about nothing but the scene and not my word count. Word count comes later!

Heads up to setting: Don't freak! But this story has a grave yard in it! (Small confession: I've only been in a grave yard twice. And it was the same grave yard. And it looks nothing like the one in my story!) Yes! A grave yard. This is actually an important part of the setting. (I shall not give to much
away) But as explained in earlier posts, I told the tale of the Neverland. Sounds like something from a children's fairy tale! And I away, we could say, the Neverland is kind of like a fairy tale to my characters. Only just a real one!

So the Neverland is the world beyond the city. It is hardly ever tread over due to the fear of what it holds. The Neverland is where the people of the city bury their dead. Making it a grave yard! (Makes sense?)

I personally like writing the Neverland parts!
The thought came to me today, that I should write a lullaby about the Neverland... I'm going to learn how to write a lullaby! Well see how it goes....

Author Inspiration: So I'm going to give you another video by Kami Gracia. She does some really good writing tip videos.
But here is her one on over coming writers block!

I feel the tips in her videos have really kick started a drive to keep on writing!



  1. I saw your word count the other night and was like 'whats happening to Rachel??'
    Glad your working through it though! (I'm a bit behind as well)

  2. I know! Its so daunting! I've spent all day moving up the line. :p