Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Yup Its New York

Has the flu got you? Sadly for me its been hitting on and off for about six weeks. And now my mouth is sore and half swollen just under my tongue. But lets just say, I'm fighting it the best I can... 

Books: Today I got five books out of the library. Three of them are for a history essay. And the others are Dystopian novels. And on top of that I have Insurgent to read as well, oh and the tale of two cities. *cough* lots of books to read!  
The picture of the City: Ummm, yeah! I am yet to look into what city it is (so dumb). Kidding!(Not really...) Its New York!                                               Any way, I seem to have a collection of these photos. Originally cause I wanted them as a background for this blog. But they were to small, so I just had to go with the backgrounds that they provided.                                                                     The background I have now is a nice one though. I like pictures of stained glass. If I was to design my own house, I would have a round window with stained glass.                                                               Plus there would be a lot of fairy lights... (off the subject of New York in every way)                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Admiring the amazing sounds of New Zealand music! This is one of my favorite tunes to write to at the moment. I'm sure every body has a favorite music genre to write to... Mine is the lulling type. 

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