Saturday, 11 October 2014

Story Building

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is coming up in only 19 days!
I'm feeling comfortable with my plot, and world building. Going steady with outlining. For me its the trick of having the idea all planed out (cause I cant start writing till November the 1st) I like to have that order.

World building: The moment I began the thinking process I decided that I was going to write a dystopian novel. I could already see the world in its entirety. For me setting is important. To keep things simple I created a city (Name in progress) And to be honest, I like this city.
My world is not dying, or in the middle of an apocalypses. The word I would like to describe it as is Fallen. The story is based in the future. I have no date on it or anything, its just the future, not past, not present.

Title: The other day I typed down some titles that I thought might work for the novel. Usually I don't bother with finding a good title till the very end. But Today I found the perfect one. I looked up the synonym for 'secret,' (a key word to the story)
A word pounced at me as I looked at the list "Clandestine" (to do something secretively)
So that is going to be my Story Title. I feel it fits the plot so perfectly. Plus its one of those words you don't use every day.


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