Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sleeping Flowers

Dreams: I read a while ago about how we dream. Apparently in the early hours of the morning we have something called "Rapid eye moment" this causes us to have dreams. I do know that some people don't even dream... its sounds crazy for me, cause I dream every night whether I remember them or not.
I think that even though the way we dream can be explained though science, that the reasons of the things we see are some what of a mystery... (we could go deeper into this, but I wont)

I don't think I've had a nightmare in a while. Though that does not mean that when I dream I have perfect visions to spend the early hours of the morning in! No, most of my dreams are in recurring places full of things I cant understand, and I'm always in trouble.

I keep going to these same places, such as my Grandparents house, hiding in their walking in wardrobes (I know! They have walk in wardrobes!) The wardrobes seem to be a safe place for me in those dreams. As a child, we (my cousins and sibling) were never aloud to go into them. (But we did the quick look anyway) I think we always thought we would find Narnia or something like that!
Another place that seems to come is the square in Palmerston North. Its funny how much it changes from reality. Watching streets morph, long hallways, and destruction.
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find what I'm looking for. The consultation is never revealed... and in the end I will have to keep on running to find out whats going on.
(Odd I know)

I saw a flower sleeping last night. We have small pot plants on our bathroom windowsill. And in one of them has a clover. I was looking at it earlier in the day, thinking about how cool it would be to find a 4 leafed clover. But I guess its not the clovers fault its only got 3. The real question is, what would you do if you found a clover with 4 leaves? The luck of finding it? I think its just that. 4 leaves meaning nothing really. I just means its different to the others of its kind... if only we could think of different people like 4 leafed clovers!
Watching it sleep was amazing. The thought that it was not just a plant that sat there. But that it went with the cycle of the day, just like we do. Waking in the morning, sleeping at night. Folding its self in to sleep, like we do with our covers at night.


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