Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sky full of Stars

School holidays are over! I know, and its sad. Mum got me up early this morning, and I actually ended up eating a proper breakfast. (Eating's good for you!) 
Being Homeschooled, I actually for a fact don't need to go to school! I know right! But that does not mean that I don't do school stuff. This morning I read a bit in my ww2 history book, about guns that they used during the war. Then I read some of my language arts book, and it turns out I'm supposed to start reading the 'Tale of Two City's' by Charles Dickens. I don't mind so much about reading this one. I really like the period of the French Revolution! So it shouldn't be to hard to get into. 
I also do math! Its not my favorite. But it turns out I can do it. So I use Khan Academy, this website is open for students of all ages, any school, and I think any country!?

 There is something I love when I look up to the stars! They are the visions beautiful dreams... they show us that there is world beyond, we look at them and see how great our creator is. There is so much more than meets than meets the eye. And the one thing that I love more than anything, its that when we see the greatness of the heavens, I understand that any dream is possible!



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