Thursday, 1 January 2015

Random Poem about a Lonely Church

So If any of you follow me on Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest) you will see that I caption a lot of my pictures with quotes for my books. I will just find a picture I like for setting or character, and I will caption it with something I haven't even written. So then I can go to my Pinterest board and write a scene from that picture and caption.

Today I found a picture of an abandon church. And an idea for a quote/poem came to the surface. The poem is related to the Neverland Trilogy (the series I'm writing)

Its like I'm doing fandom things for my own book. I'm always writing poems, and songs for this world. Its just a way of expressing my love for it. 

So here it is: A random poem by Rachel Day. About an abandon church who misses the company of humans. I  feel sorry for the poor church.


  1. That was amazing! Short, and the end is left for us to guess :)

    1. Thanks! I know, the mystery is a little over whelming on my end, cause I need to know why, (the fun part is writing out why) :)