Saturday, 10 January 2015

Clandestine: Chapter 10

I just had this urge to share my favorite Chapter from Clandestine with you guys . And that chapter just happens to be chapter 10. This chapter came out of the blue, and I love it. 
I have shared small parts of this chapter in previous posts, but never the full chapter it's self. 

I have already shared two other chapters from this story on my blog. (Chapter One) and (Another Chapter) So give them a read if you like this one. None of these chapters contain spoilers, and if you like my story stay tuned for character interviews and my random posts about it.

Also while I'm on the rant about it. Please remember that all of this is my property. I didn't put that in any of the other ones, but I just want to put that out there. This is my baby, and I have spend hours/weeks/months working on this. So don't steal it!  
Sorry if there are any spelling or punctuation mistakes, or things that don't make any sense. This is only my first draft. 

(P.S I'm sorry for the swearing that comes up. I am yet to create colorful ways for my characters to talk. Fun Fact: Shadows are a bit heavier on the language side.) Edit note: I have recently cut out those bits, haha. 

The hour is at 2, meaning that (School) hours are over. The rest of the afternoon is available for study time. Research, the center is a gold mine for information. What’s left of the ancient world is stored in archives, the libraries and monasteries keep the last of the ancient possessions and books that once were.
I run up the steps to the library. Loy and Priss said they would be up there in the afternoon… I haven’t seen Loy all day, and Priss only in the fleeting moments of class. Even though we are all in the same year, our classes run differently. They place us due to our academic skill.
I see Loy sitting by himself in the foyer, I suspect Priss went home.

I seat myself next to him on one of the sofas in the library foyer. I feel some what safer next to him. I look about anxiously; I haven’t seen him in about an hour now.
He’s never going to find me in here!
Iris” – “What are you doing?” Asks Loy as I crouch right into him as I see him and the window. Hiding my face in his sleeve.
I squeeze my eyes shut, so all I can see is pitch black, holding my breath.
Maybe now I can be invisible!
Iris.” I just shake my head into his arm at the words.
He lifts my head up out of his arm. “Iris,” this time I open my eyes, looking from the window back to the confused face of Loy.
He’s gone!
Loy staring long and hard at me, “You've been acting paranoid all day… Would you like to tell me what’s going on?”
I shudder as I breathe out. Do I trust Loy? He’s been my best friend for the better part of 10 years. But would he understand my spare of the moment mistake, that promises to haunt me for the rest of my days?
My thoughts rush over all the possible consequences.
He searches my eyes for an answer to the question. Loy would know if I’m lying.
Swallowing my guilt I look to the window again, no face.
Someone’s watching me!” It’s the truth, just not the full truth.
Someone’s watching you?” I nod my head at the repeated words.
You mean, like stalking?” I just shrug my shoulders. I don’t know whether I would call it stalking exactly. But watching, definitely!
Look!” I half whisper. “All I know is that he’s a shadow, about 18. And he’s been watching my every move all day… and I don’t feel safe.”

The look on his face is almost half convinced. I’m scared of what the shadow might do! What if he gave me way? The truth is I’m scared of myself.
Maybe you should talk to the principle?”
No! I can’t do that!”
Why not?” I bite my lip. “I just don’t want …” I don’t know how to finish the sentence.
Look! If you see him, then point him out to me. Meanwhile, go and do something in the library bookshelves.”
I've just dug myself a nice deep hole. I don’t know what to do. Does Loy really believe my story? Or maybe he sees there’s more to it.
I look about once more. “Okay”
He gives me a brief hug. I cling onto him as long as he allows me to.

I take Loy’s advice and sit in the library. I cram myself into a corner. It was as far back as I could possibly go. No ones going to come down these set of shelves. The shelves are crammed full of books on the law of math.
I couldn't imagine anyone coming to get out books on the law of math at this time!
I allow myself to relax at the thought of it. Even laughing a bit!
I continue with sketch in my book. My pencil creating shapes and patterns on the paper, slowly creating a picture.
I find myself fixated on my work, diving into a world that only art can take me.
I almost forget about this morning’s incident completely.

I look at my work. I've written the word Cest la Vie. The word is from the ancient language called French. Fray told us that once. But no one ever speaks it anymore. There are books here at the library that are all in the language. But it was all lost after the Fall.
She told us that the word meant life happens. I ponder on the thought of that. Life happens, but no always for the better.

All of a sudden I feel the presence of someone in isle. I keep my pencil moving on the page, not wanting to make eye contact with the person. Although, who wouldn't notice a girl sitting on the ground in the corner of a bookshelf?
I can’t take it! I look up.
Tenebris!” I scream, slamming my sketchbook closed.
Don’t scream for goodness sake! We're in a library!” says the Shadow boy. His hood is over his head, shielding his face. Why does he have to have it like that? It’s freaky.
Take off the hood!” I demand. I see him smile through the shadow. He removes it, revealing his full face. A mess let of brown hair lies all over his head. His face is handsome, but I try not to let it distract me.
I hug my book close to my chest, pressing my back hard into the corner. Hard enough to hurt.
He looks behind himself, then to me.
What do you want?” I shiver; the question seems to bring revelation to his face.
He crouches down in front of me. “What’s your name?”
Mistral…” I don’t want to give him my first name. He nods at the name. He takes a deep breath, running his finger through his hair.
He leans right into my face; there is nothing but inches keeping us apart.
I wonder if he can hear my heart beating! I’m locked in his eyes. They are beautifully dark like my own. But dangerous.
You should be more careful next time!”
My stomach turns as he waits for my answer. But the words don’t come. I can’t bring myself to speak. I just nod my head vigorously in reply.
Good!” He says as he pushes himself back.

I watch him walk away. He looks back at me only once. I can’t read his expression.
What was that? It’s like he was trying to warn me. But who would warn someone after they saw them break a law?
I go over all the reasons in my head. But none of them match up.
Something sits on the ground in front of me. I grab it from the carpeted floor.
It’s a bracelet. Woven in thick dark threads. A single silver ring is strung onto it. I've never seen a ring like it before. The silver is carved in with swirls that create and imperial look. And on the front is a carved image of a strange bird in flight.
He must have dropped it. I slip it over my wrist. His face keeps coming back to me. His words echoing in my head. I don’t understand. And I don’t even care to anymore.


  1. Great! Glad you are going to find creative alternatives to the language xo

  2. I guess thats the easy part about writing fantasy- I can make up curses to suit the moment. It's quite fun.

    But otherwise... Hows the writing going? Are you done/close to done/resting the first draft? :)

    1. Yeah it is. I think it comes down to the world building a bit. Cause they will not talk like we do 1000 years into the future. I'm in the process of creating my own curse words (that sounds so wrong, but oh well)

      The writing has hit a brick wall at this point. I've come to the part where I have to tie up all the loose ends. And its really frustrating. But I am so close to finishing Clandestine. And will be moving on to editing as soon as I type END OF BOOK ONE! :)

    2. Thats what editing is for xD

      YAY. How many words do you have atm?

    3. I am at 61k and counting :D So much more than I thought it would be.

  3. ooh, this is pretty interesting. what genre is it? I really liked how you kept up the tension in it... are you ever going to get it published? I would definitely buy it :D

    1. Thank you Autumn! The genre is speculative fiction. I do put it under dystopian fiction though, cause in the second and third book there is more of that element in it.
      And yes, the plan is to get it published! I'm so exited about it, but it needs a lot of work.... :)))

    2. I have a pinterest board for it. It gives a bit of an idea on what things look like.