Thursday, 22 January 2015

Art Tutorial: Princess of the Wood

Hello Readers/followers

I have something exiting for you today. I have made a step by step art tutorial for you. I am not a professional artist. But I'm pretty good. I have had years of practice, just teaching myself how to draw. And I have gotten so much better.

So I wanted to share my process. And give you all some tips with drawing. It's mostly shading tips. Cause shading is one of the most important parts of a drawing, it's what makes it come alive.

Fist off you are going to need these tools: 

  • 2H shade pencil 
  • HB shade pencil
  • 4B shade pencil
  • 6B shade pencil
  • Pencil sharpener 
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler
  • A4 sized piece of paper. (in this tutorial I am using a A3, that is double the size. But that is just so you can see the detail better. An A4 is a normal sized piece of paper) 
  • A couple of ear cleaners (the sicks with the cotton ends) 
  • Music (I can't draw without it)

I will be drawing this picture I found on Pinterest. Now  I know what you are thinking. "Rachel! This is far to hard, how in the world is anyone suppose to draw that!!??" Just calm down will you!
This is highly possible to draw. 
I am cutting out the hat. And doing it all in black and white. 
I am just going to say now. My drawing is not going to be a carbon copy of this photo. Nothing is perfect. And everything you draw, will become your style. So walk with me. 

And also. The techniques I show you, can be used in jst about any drawing. So you doing have to do just this one. 

Step one: You will need your 2H pencil (make sure it's sharp) and just draw and naked outline of the figure. Starting with a circle for the head, and move on to a general shape. This does not have to be perfect. And I give you are aloud to scribble. Do not make hard lines! Go gently with the pencil. 

Step two: Dimensions. You will need to look at the photo for this. Use your ruler to make lines to where everything on the face and body line up. (this is an optional step. It just helps you get things more in proportion) Make sure you are still using a 2H pencil. 

Step three: Fix the places that were out of shape. And start adding things such as: Nose, eye holes (eyes need to be first drawn looking like an almond) I am not added the mouth yet, cause I personally don't feel comfortable drawing it. So I what till the end to do that. But you can do it if you feel comfortable. (keep on using the 2H for this step) Skip to step twelve and thirteen if you want to know how to draw the mouth. 

Step four:  Taking your 2H pencil draw out the shape of the hair. This only needs to be light, and have no additional shape to it. 
And you may also add the shape of the iris to the eye. 

Step five: You may now move to your HB shade pencil. And start adding darker lines and detail the the eyes and nose. But keep it light, cause if you need to erase, and your lines are to hard set, then you are kinda screwed. 

Step six: Still using your HB, add the pupils to the middle of the iris. And with the HB, start lightly coloring in, leaving a small space of it white. This makes it shine as if it were reflecting light. 

Step seven: Now using the 4B shade. Add darker lines to the eyes, and add more color to the iris, but still leaving that one space white. 

Step eight: Using your HB again (this is a hard step) start adding patterns of how you want the hair to fall and be formed. Every time adding many little streaks, like you are drawing each individual piece of hair. In order to do this, you must do this lightly, yet at a pass, this in-orders you to get more of it done and with a streaky look. 
Like with the eyes, You will want the hair to shine. This is more easy that you think. You must leave a white gape. So when drawing the hair, you go from the top "streak streak," the go from the bottom to the top "streak streak" and leave that small gape of white. 

Step nine:  Use your 4B pencil to add more depth to the hair, giving it more detail. 

Step ten: Now for the face. Using you HB, you start adding shadows the the features. As seen in the step ten picture. The face starts to stand out. In order to to this, you my shade softly with the pencil. You want the skin to look smooth, and not scratchy. 

Step eleven: Using your 4B start adding shadow from the hair to the back. Now you can use the cotton tip/ear cleaner. and rub it over the shadows that you have implied to the face. This is smudging it. But it helps make the skin look smooth, and shiny. 

Step twelve: Now if you are like me, and are scared of doing mouths. Then this is why you have waited. If not, "Hi" So you have this space left, and that is right under the nose and right above the chin. I can not tell you "How" to draw a mouth. You are going to have to do the first couple of tries till you get the right one in a 2H pencil. 
All I can tell you about a mouth: is that the top lip is smaller and has a heart shaped piece that sits right under the middle of your nose. And the bottom lip is always much more filled out. 

Step thirteen: Use the HB to shade the lips. And use your 4B to fill in the mouth. 

Step fourteen: This one is just cause I never did anything for the dress and the ribbon. The ribbon needs the same effect as the skin and the hair. Leave the light gapes to make it shine. 
And I don't really know how I did the dress. Just improvise I guess... (sorry)

And this is how it should end. At least, this is how it ended for me. Don't forget to sign your work. And take a photo, I would love to see/know if this helped you in any way. Let me know what you think, and if I should do another one. 
(I didn't end up using a 6B. The 6B shade is one of the darker shades. You would use that if your hair was going to be darker, or if you needed more depth.)
If you have any questions. Please ask in the comments below. :) :) :) 



  1. I can't draw, so I'm not really sure what to say.


  2. Lovely. Nice to see how a picture progresses through the stages :) x

  3. Replies
    1. I really hope it helped in some way. And I'm looking forward to seeing what you come out with!!!! :))

  4. You are AMAZINGLY talented! Wow! I'm horrible at drawing, but my husband is good at it. My daughter has expressed interest in art too and draws far better at 6 than I do at 29. This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank you Sara! It's really just a hobby of mine. But turning it into something more serious this year by studying Graphic Design.

      My younger sisters are also very arty. It's amazing what they come out with at their age. :)
      Thank you for commenting! :)))