Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Music Memories | The Ember Days

There is something beautiful about songs bring back memories. Both good ones and bad ones. A song will remind us of something that happened years ago. And that memory will come right back to us. 

It was early 2013. My first year at Central Baptist youth Group. Me and my friend Diana had planned a day, where we were going to go to a Girls Brigade event, then on to The Ember Days concert that night with our youth group. 
Yes I know, I was a Girls Brigade girl. I am no longer. I did it for about a year or so with my younger sisters. Though I didn't go to Diana's company. I meet her at her company when I was testing it out. And then I found out that she went to CB, and boom, we have been friends ever since. 

So we went to the Girls Brigade event. There was not very many of us Pioneers there. Only a selection I had never met before. Among those was a girl who is now my closest of friends. I can not believe its been over two years since I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. Those people I see as God given. That goes to show that God knows what is happening with your future. And gives you the people to help you make it through. People that will never leave you, know matter what. 

That night we attended The Ember Days concert. I hate to say this, but it was a bit boring. So I sat with Diana and just listened to their music playing in the background. And the song that I never forget it Awake. It's such a beautiful song. It's so deep. And I am sad to say, I did not understand the song. I did not get any of the music, any of the messages. I was 14 and a bit stupid. 

I love all the worship songs out there. I love all the ones from Hillsong, and Jesus Culture, and all the others. But this one is one of the most beautiful lyrics. So simple, but so full of hope. 

Bring me back again
Let me see again
Oh you lay down for us
We are yours forever
Clothed in righteousness
You gave nothing less
Grace keeping me whole
Love making me free

Your the fire inside
That makes me come alive

I love how we see Christ as fire, clothed in righteousness. Setting us free from our iniquity.

Awake my heart
Awake Awake my soul 
Revive me Lord
Come and make me whole
Awake my soul

Bring me back again
Hope that never ends
Giving all for us
You have our devotion
Taste and see your love
Coming from above
Oh Great one that redeems
I fall at Your feet

I need you my God
I need you to breathe
Come now Lord Jesus awaken my soul to sing

So there are the lyrics for you. I think what I like about it the most is the reveling of the beauty of what Jesus did for us. And it think a lot of us fail at seeing the beauty of being in Gods family. So that is my story. 
The song that brings back memories. The song that brings me back/
Thank for reading my music rant. 

Check out The Ember Days at their WEBSITE, YOUTUBE 

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