Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to be Invisible and Rule the World: MC's Names Announced

Hello Readers.

If you don't know what I mean by "How to be Invisible and Rule the World" then you might need to read my introductory post about it HERE.

(It is always such a mouth full to say this title, but it looks weird when I break it down HTBIARTW...) 

I am going to write How to be Invisible and Rule the World for Camp NaNo in April. And as some of you know, I am a plotter. I want everything planned and plotted before I write it down. So the months before a deadline project, I will be filling up Pinterests boards, scribbling every thought that comes to mind, planning out Characters history. So on and So on. Back breaking work... kidding, that's the fun part.

So today I set out to find names for my two MC's. And pictures. And I found them! With the help of my Mother I settled on the perfect names.

 Male MC: Gabriel Henderson. Female MC: Inga Wandering 

The story is narrated by the two points of view. I still don't know much about these characters yet. But I will try my best. 

Gabriel is the cool kid at Highschool. He has it all. Everyone likes him, everyone sees him. He's beautiful (and he knows it) He plays sports. We get the point. You ask him how he does it, and he will just say "Well, it comes naturally" (What a Jock) 

Inga is a wallflower. She's invisible, that one person that no one notices. She is smart, but even more talent in the art of Oblivion. Most times you'll find her standing against a wall hugging her back to her chest. 

Both of these characters are from completely different worlds. They live the complete opposite lives. And its's my job to help them clash in something amazing!

This is not a romance novel. Though can girls and boys be just friends without falling for each-other??? It's something I find hard to get around. Let me know what you think. 

This is my first ever Contemporary novel. So I'm really exited. Hope you like my Characters, and their stranger names. 


  1. More people plotting for Camp NaNo already! This is getting quite out of hand xD

    AWESOME NAMES. One of my best friends is a boy, and there is no romance in our friendship. So very possible :)

    1. Haha yes! Camp NaNo is coming closer, and it's time to create new people.

      Thank you. I rather like them :))
      Thanks for you thoughts. I do believe it's possible, you just have to go about it the right way. :)

    2. It's still a few months away!

      Agreed. We actually talked about where we stood and clearing it meant that for me, personally, I was a lot more comfortable.

    3. Haha I know. But better be prepared. And might as well use what's left of the holidays to get some work done.

      And sounds like a sensible thing to do. Getting to know one another's "terms" so to say, is the best way to having any honest relationship with someone, instead of a blindship.(If that made any sense at all... haha)

    4. Good point! I didn't think about that. School starts back in like a week. Nooooo.

      It did make sense :)