Thursday, 1 January 2015

Character Interview: Jack and Iris

So today I would like to do my first Character Interview. And I thought it would be fun to do it with my two main charterers: Jack Heron, and Iris Mistral. (They are my babies) 
The Neverland Trilogy, Clandestine  

Hello. So today I have with me Jack and Iris. 
First I  would like to start with Jack... So Jack, this question has been on my mind ever since I got you in here. What's with the hood? 

Jack: *Sighs* Its just a shadow thing. We like to wear our hoods, it just covers us up, makes us less noticeable. Like I can walk into a bar; punch a guy in the face, and no one will know what hit them... bam... No one gets your face cause you had the hood on. 

Okay Jack. Thanks for the useful information... Next time I'm in a bar wanting to punch some guy in the face, I will remember too wear a black hood. But just for now, could you possibly take it off?  

Jack: *Takes off the hood* 

Iris: *Fights back a smile*

So Iris. I know that you have a twin sister. How close are you guys, being twins and-all?

Iris: Priss... yeah we are pretty close knit. She's my best friend, and one of the only people who have been there for me over the years. She...protects me......

Jack: *Turns to Iris with his mouth half open* 

Protects you? 

Iris: I don't really want to talk about it. It was stupid of me to say something like that!

Okay. We don't have to talk about anything if you don't want too. 
Okay, so Jack, do you have a hobby of any sort? 

Jack: For a fact, yes I do. I like photography. 

Cool! What to you like to capture?

Jack: Anything beautiful that I find. Its like a way of documenting the world around me. You never know when something beautiful could be taken from your midst. 

Very nice..... Ummm..., So Iris; would you like to tell me what you like to read?

Iris: *Fiddles with her fingers* I like reading the Bronte Sisters

The Bronte Sisters, but isn't their work from the dark ancients? 

Iris: Yes they are. But I like reading about the dark ancients.

Well, that would make sense. The National Library would keep works from that time. Do you have a favorite from them?  

Iris: Yeah, my favorite is Wuthering Heights

Gosh! That one scared me out of my skin. Their a bit spooky. 
Okay, so I have one last question. And this one if for both of you. Are you guys like... a thing? 

Jack:... What in the world are you talking about?! She's an Iciest! How/Why in the world would I be with an Iciest? That's not even allowed! *Throws hands in the air*

Iris: Its an absurd idea... 

Okay... so now we have gotten that straight I'm going to cut it off right here. (maybe I shouldn't have bought that up. Oh but I just had too!) 
So that was kinda entertaining. Though it was my first interview. Hope you enjoyed it. And after leaning a little bit about my two main characters, feel free to ask them some questions, and I will do a post so they can answer them. (questions in the comments below. Or you can Tweet them to me @Queen_Rachy) Or if you have any questions about writing or my work etc.... 

Thanks for reading. 



  1. Okay, okay, but why are you (Jack) upset at Iris for saying that Priss protected her? What's going on?
    And Iris, you should be honest about what you feel. Juuust sayyying :p

    1. Haha, I don't know whether to be amused or not. Jack has know idea what's going on. Poor boy... :p

    2. Are you torturing the poor boy over it? *evil author laugh*

    3. Oh I've got it coming for him! (I'm so mean) I love him though. These thing surprised even me....

  2. Love them. XD I want to do this too!!

    1. Thank you!!! And yes you should, they are always amusing things to do. :))