Friday, 5 December 2014

Youth Group Inspired Dance with Me

Its coming to the end of the year. I'm getting this weird feeling of freedom now! So I am in this deep thinking process of both of my novels. But mostly on Dance with Me.
Writing Dance with Me is kind of giving me the opportunity to think over my year. To think over the struggles, and the good things.

As I have said; I go to a christian youth group each Friday night. This is a great way to catch up with my church friends, play games, do bible studies and small groups.
I am still, even now getting use to it. Even though this will be my, I think second year of attending. I am learning to give myself the chance; not only to be a better person, but to get to know people, build friendships, even if they are just small acquaintance ones. I don't want to look back on my teen years and see a big pile of regret, and things I never did.

The song by One Republic: I Lived, Makes me think very much of that. And I know that I have ditched 3 perfectly good years of being a teenager, but there are still more to come.

Me and my friend Mary Jane, get the opportunity to help set up, due to us getting there early.
So today we got to set the tables (again) and felt the need to make sure all the cups were aligned.
I love this shot I took! Even though it was just on my tablet!

Back to the title of this blog post! (I need to stay on track) 
Dance with Me is inspired by many events. Ones from my Mothers youth group, ones from my own, ones from others, or simply ones that I have made up myself! 

Youth Group is not everyone's thing. I have friends that just don't want to go. I know people that go to my youth now, that refused to be budged from there home! It comes in many cases. Mine was; I wanted to go so bad! 
But its the later for Lacy. She doesn't want to go. Lacy is that seemingly stubborn character. And just wont do it. (But she does! Of course she does)
And I think, we all have had one experience or another where we don't want to go to something. And there will be that person behind you crying "just do it!"

Stay tuned for more on Dance with Me, and more on Clandestine. So really what I mean, is just keep reading my ramblings! 
I will be posting a snippet or two on Clandestine, in my next post! 


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  1. I love OneRepublic! And I lived made me think about how desperately I do not what to waste my life, not even a second of it.
    Awesome picture :)