Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Writing Wishlist

I'm going to do My Writing Wishlist! Created by Kara@ Diary of a Teen Writer. Which was such a cool idea, cause I had been thinking of doing something like this, but just write it down on a private Doc. But blogging about it sounds like more fun.

  • A Fantasy, Called: Dead in The Water
I love making up stories to go with my favorite songs. And one of my Favorite songs is Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding. So I want to write an Fantasy/Romance about it. Ohhh so exited about it! 

  • Epic Dystoia about Rebels and a girl Prophetess 
I've been trying to write this one since the start of this year. Its about a girl called Ella who has nightmares, and discovers that everything she dreams about, and what she does in those dreams will effect events in real life. Then Ella and her friend Jase join a group of Rebels who are on the fight for survival. And Ella is the one that will effect everything that happens. (So on, and so on. Its my Baby, and I am going to finish it...one day) Its got guns! And weapons, and GUH, so over the top with this one.


  • Historical fiction, a story about a Jewish girl in the 2nd world war 
A bit like the book thief. But I have always had a deep love for that time period (Even though it was evil) Iv'e always wanted to write a story about someone who lived in the time, and all the stuff that they were put through, making history through the lives of people who lived. (Sobs) I want to write this from a child's perspective, cause children see the world in such a different, magical way.

Because of Reading...

  • The second and third book in the Neverland Trilogy 
I am currently finishing the first book in the Neverland Trilogy. (Just check out my blog, Its full of it) Yeah, the second and third one are going to be amazing! The Neverland trilogy is a Utopian/Dystopian story about a girl called Iris who discovers the secrets of herself, and the secrets of the people and the world around her.

I have a whole Pinterest Board on it, Book Ideas: Clandestine, it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. 

  • A Book about Angels  
This something I've wanted to write for a long time! I don't know quite how, but it will happen, sometime, in the future... 


  • A story about mental patients who try to escape the prison 
Don't worry! I'm still half sane! But this was an Idea that kept coming back to me. But after watching Sucker Punch (Horrible title: Good movie) I was inspired by the way that they treated the girls who were not all mad. It was a heart wrenching thing to watch the movie. Cause I'm a girl, I could look past the way they made them sluts, and felt very deeply for them all. (Is was on the bridge of crying at the end of it)

  • An orphanage, where they take children's dreams  
 This one was inspired by a dream I had: Where I was in a school like building, and was injected with serum that enabled the runners of the place to rob me of my dreams. So when I dreamed, they would download the dream, and use it for something. But I don't know what. So I started writing it down. It was frighting, but inspiring.   

And that is all I have (or can think of) Hope you all enjoyed this list. And I encourage you all to do it as well! 



  1. Ohhh I might try this after Christmas/New Year! I love your ideas :)

    1. Yes! You should. Its so much fun to make the list. And thanks. :)