Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A fresh Start

Hey my beautiful's! Yes, I am back. I have been gone for a while, simply recovering from NaNoWriMo. I have to day, that November was the longest month of my life. Its felt like months since then. (I'm am still recovering)

Recovering NaNoWriMo has come down to: Sleeping in to the last hours of the afternoon, wondering what to do with my life! I think you get the point. So there was one question I had; How in the world do I recover NaNoWriMo?
So I don't regret doing it this month, I mean, it was the biggest achievement of this year. (Even though I didn't finish writing Clandestine)

I had been talking to Wild Horse about writing progress over the month. And she had said that she cant do just one project at a time, that she needed to do more than one to keep her on her feet. The thought buzzed through my mind over the last couple of days of December.
And that was when it struck me, I need a break from Clandestine, Seriously, I've spent an entire month, living, breathing, sleeping, Clandestine. And I just need a break, I need time to think over the story!
So that is what I am doing! I am taking a break! (Ah, it was good to say that)

The New Project 
Dance With Me

It must have been late September. I had been deep in thought of The Fault in Our Stars, and how it would be interesting to writer something like that.
Later on into the month, or maybe it was October, I started writing out the outline of a story about Christian youth group, but never got to it.

Then after NaNoWriMo I thought maybe I could go back to writing it. It seemed like a possible story. I had recently found out about this site called Tablo, where you can write your story online, and publish chapters. So after my Laptop stopped working, I thought it would be a good alternative.

The story about me laptop: It was day 29 of NaNoWriMo, and my laptop stopped charging. My heart started racing as the battery told me that it had nothing but an hour left to live. I was so close to getting to 5,000 on my novel. Why oh why did it have to happen now (or ever) 
So I rushed to go get my USB drive and move my novel onto it. I managed to get it all on there and moved to Google doc! 

So yes! I am now writing Clandestine on Google docs! And my new project on Tablo.

Here is the synopsis for my new novel Dance With Me

Sixteen year old Lacy Weber suffers from epilepsy and anxiety! She doesn't like going our, and would rather stay home and read romances. She is encouraged to attend her churches youth group, and has to come to grips with the whole community of it.
One day Lacy's crush Alex and a grow of his friends (from youth) are involved in a major car accident. Alex becomes paralyzed waist down in the event. He starts to suffer from a similar anxiety and lack of confidence to Lacy. 
So the Youth pastors wife Alyssa pairs Lacy and Alex together, hoping the two teens will be able to help each other through their troubles!  

This story is a mixture of many things. But mostly of my experiences as some what of an outsider at my own youth group. The story of the shy girl, and how her mind works as she has her head down and mouth shut!
I am not going to share the link quit yet. Cause have only written 3 chapters on the sight, (I've written so much in my notebook though) But when I have reached about 5 chapters on the site, I will share it so you guys can read it! Its a personal project, but one I would like my friends and follows to read it. I feel its a bit of a crying out of everything I have locked up over my past years of being a teenager.

Its a deep story about faith, love, relationships, and the workings of the mind of troubled teens. Its going in the Teen fiction/christian...

At the moment I am working on making the cover! I'm drawing it myself! Its going to be so cute! And its exiting that I get to make it myself!



  1. How exciting! Plllllease share more snippets from Clandestine! And I can't wait to read parts of Dance With Me :)
    Is your laptop going to be okay?

    1. I will still share snippets from Clandestine!!! And Dance With Me is going to be ready to start reading in about a week! I'm working on my cover right now! So exiting. :) :) :)

      And I'm not sure about my laptop. We are going to see what we can do...

  2. Ooh just as well you managed to get your novel onto the external hard drive! Something similar happened to me once except I lost my entire book *tear*
    I'm hoping to get into writing again so I will definitely check out Tablo.

    Thanks for sharing. And I will be waiting to read Dance With Me :)

    1. Yeah, its pretty bad, (thank God for hard drives)
      So sorry you lost your book! :( That would have been devastating!
      :) :) :)

  3. Dance with me sounds adorable!! Plus the pinterest board is too cute for it. XD

    1. Awww thanks! It is going to be a cute story! :p :) Still trying to get my head around the romance (not to good at that)

    2. Oh my goodness I feel you.... Making characters that are perfect together? Fine. Making them actually have Romance?

      Awkward. XD