Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Tag

So do that I am going to catch up on some super amazing TAGS. This my friends is an excuse to do a blog post (I have not done any in a while)
Fun fun!

Today I' going to do the Christmas Tag! I was tagged by Adriana. This will be exiting. Simply cause I am still trying to get into the Christmas spirit (what? Are you telling me its only 2 days away?" Seriously?) So thanks for the Tag!  

Christmas Tag

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And on to the questions:

Is there one thing you did this year (that you don't normally do) that you go super exited about Christmas?

Nothing really stuck to me this year. But I have enjoyed the cooking that Mum has been doing over the month. 
What is your favorite Christmas Desert/Treat?  
I would have to say ambrosia. My Grandmother makes it each year for Christmas when ever we go over. So its kind of the taste of my childhood. (Its so yum... And I know how to make it now!!!) 
Are you going to be doing things a little different this year? Or are your Christmas Traditions pretty solid? 
We do the same thing just about every year. And I don't think anything is going to change. So you could say we are pretty solid in traditions. 
Favorite Christmas Carol?
For me it would be Breath of Heaven sung by Amy Grant. Its so beautiful, and I fall in love with it every time I listen to it. Also this song is one of the songs that bring me into the Christmas mood. 

Favorite Christmas Album?
Its going to have to be the Pentatonix Christmas Album. I love there music. They just seem to bring the Carols to life.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping already? If so, when did you finish it?  
Hahaha I feel like such a bad friend and family member. I have spent no money on any Christmas presents this year. But that does not mean I give no one anything. I actually make everything I give to the people I love. So loved ones and friends will get drawings and stories and other-what-not items that I have made.  
 What is one thing you are really hoping you get for Christmas?
To be honest, I don't really know. All I wanted was books. But what I really want now is a hug. I think that would be a really good Christmas present. 
What is your favorite part of Christmas?
Ummm... Well... Mum asked me this question, and I couldn't answer it. I think I would have to say, watching all my younger siblings getting all exited. I thrive off their energy. I just like watching them be happy, like there is not a care in the world. 
What is your favorite Christmas decoration on your Christmas Tree?
 I just had to take a look now. And I think I would have to pick the Hand Made Angle my sister Tessa made last year. Many of our Christmas decorations are hand made and sewn. I think it gives it characteristics. (I would show a photo of the tree. But our PC is busted, and wont load photos.)
What is your Favorite Christmas-y drink to have during Christmas?
I like L&P. Cause its summer, its always nice to have a Kiwi kind of drink for the hot summer day. And we have it each Christmas.

Nominations: Morgan@Back to the Drawing Board  Aimee@To the Barricade! Wild-Horse@Opal Swirls 

  1. Favorite Christmas (Childhood) memory? 
  2. Favorite Christmas song?
  3. Favorite Christmas film?
  4. One Christmas food that you have every year without fail?
  5. What makes you think of Christmas? 
  6. For you, what is the most important part of Christmas?
  7. What is the most meaningful Christmas Gift you have ever received?
  8. What is the best Gift you have ever given to someone?
  9. Can you recite the Twelve Days of Christmas?
  10. What do you want to get this year?
Have a merry Christmas! 


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