Friday, 12 December 2014

Best Blogging Buddy Award

Wild Horse Awarded me for this! Thanks so much, I really love doing these!

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Why do you blog? 

I blog cause I like sharing my thoughts, my work, and little random things. And I know that only people who really want to know will read it (not like on Facebook, things like that just annoy people) Its a fun thing to get into the swing of! It's becoming a hobby. Did I even answer the question? Any how to answer the question, its because it makes me happy! 

Purple or Pink?
Okay this is an odd one, simply cause it all goes for shades. If its a light baby rose pink, then yeah. But if the purple is a royal rich dark purple then I will choose that. So if I have to chose, I think I would have to go with the purple. (But I still like baby pink)

Summer or Winter?

Oh my! The two seasons! Well I'm going to have to go with summer, cause in New-Zealand we get nice summers, and I like being able to break free from the clamped in winter. If it snowed in Palmy (it did once and it was the most amazing thing in the world!) then I might say yes. But I'm going to have to go with summer for this one! 

Have you read/watched The Book Thief? (Tell me if it ripped you up like it ripped me up) 

Yes! I have both read and watched the Book Thief! I have watched it more than once, and read it more than once. When I first read it (before I watched the film) I was heart broken. It hurt so bad in the last part of the book. Its the best book I've ever read. And I will keep on loving the story to the day I die! (I can quote it)

A book you keep re-reading?

Well! The Book Thief. I bought it on audio, so technically I listened to it. But I still count that as 'reading' it, (I just don't read the pages) cause I have listen to it. And I do it over and over and over again!  

Do you have any pets?

My sibling have tons of pets. We have chickens, a cat, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, (I think the fish died) I have just come into ownership of a baby bunny, I named her Alice, and she is so beautiful!

Type or Hand-write?

When it comes to writing, I like it better to type. I'm a pretty good at touch typing. Though I still like to write somethings by hand! 

Has a book ever made you cry?

Yes! I cried my way though all the Hunger Games (more than I did The Fault in Our Stars) 

Favorite school subject?

School: Well being homeschooled I really don't have to take a ton of a lot of subjects. But I like English, and art. :)))

The best sport in the world is.... 

SOCCER! And I am only saying this cause its the only sport I can get my head around, in which case, makes it the best! 

Do you live in town or the country?

Country! I've always been a country girl, living out in the stick and what-not (jokes, we are usually 20 -30 minutes out of town) 

What is better: Sun rise or sunset?

Sun set. I never get up early enough to see the sun rise... but sunsets I class as the most romantic...slowly fading off...  

It's midday, you're still in your PJ's, at home alone, when some knocks on the door. What do you do?

I would run to get something covering on. Looking out the window to see if there was a car I knew at the gate. Then I would answer the door and try to act natural as possible, while my Panic attach is having a panic attach along with a heart attach!  

A quote that is important to you?

I love so many quotes! I know I will think of another one later... But I think the quote by Kurt Vonnegut, “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

If you had to eat one food forever, you would eat... 

I want so badly to say chocolate, but I would end up getting sick, so I have to say potato, cause you can make so much out of it. 

That was fun! :) So now for my set of questions:

  • Do you use Pinterest? 
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Favorite genre to read/write?
  • Favorite book series?
  • Song that makes you cry?
  • Do you play an instrument? If so, what?
  • Favorite season? (winter, spring, autumn, winter) 
  • What are your Fandoms?
  • What book could you just not put down?
  • Did you cry when you read/watched The Fault in Our Stars?
  • What gives you a thrill?
  • Dream job?
  • What word processor do you use to write on?
  • Favorite Flower? (post picture)
  • What year did you start blogging?
  • Favorite poem?

Now to nominate some bloggers!!! These are a list of some of the amazing bloggers I follow. (So don't forget to check them out) 

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Morgan @ Back to the Drawing Board
Tayla @ The Hungry Firefly
Victoria @ Stori Tori's Blog

That's a really small list... But have fun with my questions! (Take as long as you need)



  1. SOCCER!
    And I didn't cry over The Fault in our Stars either :)

  2. GAH.
    I just saw this.. cause I nominated you LOL
    I'll have to answer these and add them later or something. XD