Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to Write Romance?

The answer to the title is, I have no idea. That is the truth!

So this is a post I have been wanting to write for a while. The question/thought floats around when writing. And I really don't know! 
Being a writer, this is the most awkward of them all!
I'm that 16 year old girl that has never been kissed (or anything like that) I have chosen not to date till I'm older. (Like my late teens, or twenty's) Though that does not help my case with the whole "writing that romance stuff" 

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Over the course of writing Clandestine, there has been two kissing scenes! Yes, two kissing scenes. I am going to have to say, they are amazing scenes. For someone who has never been kissed, or hugged, (I've been hugged by my guy friends. But the buddy type.) 

I had been talking to my friend Diana, (who also writes) I was complaining about how hard it was, while I was sitting on her bedroom floor writing my second love scene. Lucky for me, she agreed with me. I just love it when friends can help share those struggles... I asked her how she did it. And the answer was pretty simple: She reads lots of books, so she already had the general idea of how to write one. 

(My kissing scenes are not sloppy. Its just a kiss, noting more. Thought I might put that out there.)

Tips for writing them:

  • Read lots of books: This will help you get the gist of how to sentence one such scene. Describing words, feelings and other such notions. 
  • Watch movies: Now I know that might sound lame. But watching films will give you a feel for it. See how the characters act in the romantic situation. Over NaNoWriMo and writing Clandestine, I watched lots of romantic clips on YouTube. And oddly, they really helped! 
  • Listen to music: I like listening to music when writing. Though some people don't. But for me I do, so when it comes to these scenes, I listen to the love songs. *Coughs* Taylor Swift.... Oh and Christina Perri!
  • Seriously, don't worry. Write from the bottom of your heart, wish the best for your characters. And you can always rewrite later. :)    

That's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know what you do when coming to these scenes?! I would love to know what others do with this. :) 



    *is the seventeen year old who has only been asked out over facebook by a guy that came into subway*
    *apparently guys like it when you make them sandwhiches*

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally get you there... The only time I was asked out, (Like ever) was over Facebook! :/

  2. I try to avoid kissing scenes in general, personally, the longer I putt it off, the more tension there is between my characters *evil grin*
    I guess it will have to be written eventually, but in the meantime, I will keep these tips in mind.

    1. Tension is great! And I agree, might as well do it when you are comfortable. :) :) :)

  3. We are in the same boat! I'm 17 and don't date and never been kissed by a guy or anything (and I'm okay with that...) I will admit though I do have kissing scenes in some of my novels...nothing more than that but still...but I totally thought the first one I ever did was difficult and it wasn't even much at all LOL (in that scene it was a quick little kiss. Tis all :P )
    but yeah...reading helps too. cause a lot of times there is always at least one couple/pairing in novels and such but anywho....these are great tips Rachel! Wooh! :D

    1. Thanks for sharing your empathy :)
      It is hard. The one thing I try really hard to achieve is to still keep my characters pure at the end of the day, and the scenes innocent. :)
      Thank you, hope my tips helped in some way! :)