Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Progress: Day seven (camp NaNo April)

Hey Guys.

This is going to have to be short. The last couple of days I was at Easter Camp and wrote hardly anything. Many reasons. But let me be honest, it is hard to write when on a camp. I will tell more about camp in a nothing post. (sneak peak: I inured my leg on the Friday and couldn't move it for five hours. I will share more later...)  So I am currently up the north of New Zealand staying with some friends for an entire week. I'm very privileged to have internet right now.

I am very very very behind in my word count. My target word count is now 40,000. And today I should be at 9,333 words. But I am only at 2,264. As you can tell I have a lot of work to do. Yesterday when trying to write I go so stuck cause I had not writing myself out an outline with pin pointed events. I thought I could do it with out it. But that failed greatly. So I ended up writing out the outline for part one.
Just now I am about to start writing, cause I seem to do it better at night. I put down Writing into my spotify search, I clicked on the first playlist that came up. And it is the best writing playlist ever!!! Playlist Here you're welcome.  

I will catch you all a bit later.


Make it


  1. I hope your leg is okay! And I'm sure you'll catch up :)

    1. I'm walking now. I just spent five hours without being able to move it. Thank you :)))