Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Life and a Once Upon a Time

Hello my beautiful readers.

Sorry I have not been posting. My life has been a mess of busyness, and sleeping when I have the smallest about of time to do so. I've also been sick, and had to miss a day of course the other day, resulting in missing a meeting in which a new project was handed out. I took the booklet home in order to read it, and hope that I was supposed to do it, and wasn't going fail, all cause someone forgot to hand me a piece of paper and tell me to do work... not happening.
I am so behind in my story. I am going to say right now, that there is a very small chance that I will get to 40,000 at the end of this month. Please cheer me on though. I wish it wasn't this hard.

Though my story is on a role. That came on the ninth (???) day of camp NaNo. I was up at our friends house, my entire family and their family had gone to the last day of day camp, and I was at their house, all by myself. Up in the middle of no where, with nothing by their crazy farm dog who was tied up outside. I'm telling you, I have never been so nervous about staying anywhere by myself before. And I don't do well with silent houses...
So I had played some of their perfectly tuned piano, and locked myself in one of the houses darkest rooms. I was trying to write. But everything I had written before that sounded so bad and off plot, and unrealistic. So I went to the kitchen, and after reminding myself that I was the only soul in that house at the time, I started to speak my characters lines out loud as they came to mind, (all in this weird British accent...) and as I did that in my amazing accent, the perfect plot came to me. I had already got my characters, and concept, and a couple of key events. But not a plot. And it came to me. Hit me in the face. And for that, I am happy.

Exiting news; is that I wrote a synopsis for How to be Invisible and Rule the World. And made a quote picture for it. I am fully in love with this poetic piece. And with my story, and characters.

Once upon a time there was a troublemaker, and a trouble hider. One treasured attention and the other oblivion. One day they were brought together from their different worlds, and had to fight for life together, she wanted to hide herself from the world and he wanted to rule it. Not a love story, just two kids stupid and fearless.

  Don't forget to check out my pinterest board on the story. How to be Invisible and Rule the World on Pinterest. I'll do another post soon. I also want to do a character interview. So if you have any questions for my characters, tweet me at @Queenie_Rachy or leave me a comment bellow. :))) 


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