Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to Write a Book in a Month: Camp NaNoWriMo//April 2015

Hey Readers.

Many of you none writers think we writers whom attend NaNoWriMo are *crazy* Writing a book in a month. So I did NaNoWriMo in November, which I finished the first draft of my very first novel Clandestine. (I haven't touch that draft since then...But I will)

NaNoWriMo also does camps during the year. One in April, and the other in July. And I am doing the April Camp!!! Which I am writing How to be Invisible and Rule the World, my first ever contemporary idea.
The cool thing about these camp, is that you can choose your word counts. So it could just be a short story, and you might only have to write say 100-700 words a day. Or if you are like me who set the word count goal to 50,000 then you will have to write round 1700 words a day. This is so much more relaxed...

Here are some tips on how to write a novel in a month:

Have a Plan

If you're a planner, or you like to just start on the spot. I highly suggest you have a game plan of some sort in mind. Me as a writer, I like to have everything planned out. Though this year I'm winging it a bit more. Even if it's just the genre. Just give yourself something to work from. 

Set Your Self a Time and  a Timer

With it being April. Many of you will have school. That takes up your entire day. So take time in the afternoons, or night, to reach that days work count. It's also fun to do word sprints, setting a timer and seeing how much you can write in that time. Baby Steps

Make a Playlist 

This might just be something I do. But I make soundtracks for my stories. There might be a song that would go perfectly with a scene. Or just something calming, or inspiring when writing. 

See it like a Movie 

This is more writing advice. Write it like you're watching it. That goes into the whole 'show, don't tell.' But seriously, this is so true. Envision your scene, then write it. 
Sometimes, I will watch random movie clips on YouTube that inspire me. And I will get a clear mind on how to write that thing I was blocked on.

Be Inspired  

Whether that be, watching a movie, reading a book, or staring at your pinterest board for half and hour (I've done that...) Don't forget to be inspired.

Have a Community 

Connect with others doing the same thing. They are on the same journey as you. You will be able to give you advice, and sympathy you need. You can find there people in your every day life, or online (your chances are higher online) Cause we're all in this together! 

Tea, Coffee/and sweet stuff

No kidding. Drinking hot drinks is very calming. I enjoy and nice cuppa when it comes to sitting down to write. Also food in general is good. I like to snack, I suggest healthy food... But chocolate is good too.

Love your Story

I don't care how much you hate it! I think it's important that you go back to the parts that you love. Remember why you wanted to write it. Another thing that is good for a drive, is write it for someone. I read something on GoTeenWriters a while back about dedicating your story to someone. My newest project has a dedication. And that has helped me so much.

Spend some Quality time with your Characters (out side the story)

I think this helps you when you get to know your characters. Me and my friend like to do this for our characters, and that is fill out these Character Questionnaires. Do character interviews on your blog or on a private document... quality time...

Have Fun!

Over all, just enjoy yourself.  :)))

Hope this helped some of you. I know it's not all amazing advice.... just my advice. I'm very exited about this month coming. Make sure if you're doing camp this year, that you are all signed up and are in a cabin. 



  1. I love my story so much, I'm hoping that this feeling will get me through April. So excited to have started today!

  2. How do you get a plot for your story?