Saturday, 18 April 2015

Quotes and songs // April camp NaNoWriMo

Hey guys.

So I thought it would be cool to share some random quotes from my WIP How to be Invisible and Rule the World. And some songs that are a big inspiration. This project is very near and dear to my heart, based on some of me and my friends experiences, and dreams of mine. My very first contemporary, and I am falling in love with it every time I think about it.
So as some of you may know; Pinterest is my biggest story inspirations. And I will randomly quote random things from my characters to caption the pictures. So the quotes are really all over the place. None in order.

Time stops within itself when he plays. Like the only thing that needs to flow is his sound. He tells me everything through the notes he plays. And it breaks my heart. -Inga Wandering 

I watch the blank white sky and wonder, what the hang was the moon doing out in the sky in the day time? -Gabriel 

"Who were you hiding from?" She asked, "myself" I answer. -Inga

People think teenagers are stupid. We're not, we are daring creatures looking for the meaning of life. -Inga 

I hardly remember the day I saw death in the face. But I was high, so I don't really remember all that well. Just the hallucination of death while it was happening. -Inga

It's the things that clearly kill us that we get so easily addicted to. And I'm not talking all about cigarettes. -Inga

Inga Wandering lead a horrifically beautiful life. A wreck of sophisticated emotions that made her what she was. Every piece of her set her apart. She gave me a part of her, and I will never forget the world she showed me, one we still both share. -Gabriel

The way we see life is all so different. I was once so involved that is forgot how to live. My life was like I was intoxicated, everything was all blurred together causing me to miss out on the small details that make us what we are. -Gabriel

"I live my life with pure insanity. All of that happens in my head. Making it much harder to stay a normal on the outside." -Inga 

Mum opened my door, "sweetie, please..." she says, but I interrupt her "No! you don't understand, I tried, I tried to change, and you broke your promise!" -Gabriel

"Ever thought you were dying? Like every part of you is screaming, but no one could hear you?"-Cara

"Reaching for the light is harder than you think. It's like trying to touch the stars. And that worries me that happiness might be as impossible as touching the heavens." -Inga

There are only a couple of my favorite quotes.  They kind of just come to me out of the blue. And I love them all. So next is a list of songs that fit into the story quite well. 

Smother by  Daughter

Cool Kids by Echosmith

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Royals by Lorde

Bridges by Broods

Undone by Haley Reinhart

That is all I have for you all today. I'm going to go see Cinderella in theaters tomorrow with my friend and sisters. It should be very exiting. I might make a review on it. Until next time. 



  1. I like the quotes.I also like your character's name Inga :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thank you Neal. My mum was the one that came up with her name (fun fact of the day) :) Thank you for commenting

  2. I like your quotes and your songs :)

  3. I LOVE your quotes! Oh my gosh! I also love that song 'Cool Kids' by Echosmith. One of my favourites!

    1. Thank you Adriana! I too love the song. I feel like it says so much more. :)