Saturday, 28 March 2015

Update (look into the next month)

Hey readers.

It's been a while. But that has been cause I have been procrastinating. All those procrastinators will be sympathizing with me right now. I have also been busy, and tired. The whole package. But I am going to start being productive starting this week. I have a lovely reading list, and a novel to write this coming month. 

I can't believe I can start writing in three days. That is to soon in my opinion. And I feel very bad, cause I have not outlined or fully plotted this story out. Over the past couple of days I have been trying to understand my characters... that has gone (not to good) slow. I need to hold on to hope with this one. 
I mentioned in a previous post that for the first week of April, I will not be home. Yes that is right. On April 2nd I will be heading off to Easter Camp, the best and biggest youth event of the year. That will be running the entire Easter weekend. And yes, I will be writing over the weekend. In fact, I will be writing long hand... Slow claps... Then straight after camp I will be whisked off to the Coromandel for the rest of the week. Then straight after getting home, the next day I will be back to course, cause I only get one week holiday.........
Lucky for me, the people we are visiting are gracious enough to give me there WiFi. So that is what my week of not living at home and writing a whole lot of my novel is going to look like. 

I am going to be so tired. Being an introvert, even a night out will set me to needing a good weekend to recharge. So this is going to be rather interesting. 
There is a Beautiful People post coming on my characters in the next couple of days. And I will also do a couple of posts on my story and the subjects I will be tackling in it; over the month. I'm looking forward to sharing more. :)


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