Friday, 13 March 2015

One Lovely Blog Hop

Hey Guys.

So I've been tagged by the wonderful Adriana Gabriel to do the One Lovely Blog Hop. Thank you for tagging me. :)

The rules for the hop are:
  • Share 7 Lovely Facts about myself.
  • Share links to blogs I enjoy reading.
I feel as if I have done so many of these "facts about me" posts. But there is always room for more. So here are some more facts about me. 

  • I like almost anything Vintage 
Vintage things just give me a thrill. Anything old, or rustic, I want it! This goes the the extent of vintage clothes, old stamps, to music. I also have records pinned to my wall. It's pretty cool. 

  • I love sitting cross legged
If I can sit cross legged, then I will stay in that position for a long time. (I'm sitting cross legged right now) The only down side to this is I get a dead leg. And that leads on to pins-and-needles. Once I got up and I had a dead leg.  And I tried walking down the hallway, and I just about broke my foot, cause I couldn't feel it, so my leg collapsed on itself. 

  • I play the Piano 
I'm not the best. But I taught myself to play a bit of it. And i love the fact that I can make music. 

  • My House has many Mirrors 
My Dad really likes vintage mirrors. So we have a collection of them on a lot of the walls. We had a really big one at some point. I'm not sure what happened to it, either we sold it, or someone stole it. (I think someone stole it)

  • I like creating stories from songs and music videos
I get a lot of my writing inspiration from music and music videos. At the moment, I would like to write a story based on Taylor swifts video Blank Space. I think that would make an interesting story.  

  •  I love the sound of a Rain
The other day I down loaded a white sound app. So now I can now listen to rain sounds. I find it very calming. The last couple of days it's been raining on and off. But not enough to get the nice rain sounds. But to me, a good rain storm, with thunder and lighting are one of the best things. (make sure you have a nice cup of something hot, and a blanket)

  • I'm crazy about Maps 
I think I put this on my 30 things you might not know about me. But I love maps! 

Now to NOMINATE some awesome people. 

And Anyone else, feel free to do this tag. 



  1. Hey! Thanks for the tag, I hopefully will get around to it...sometime.

    Cool things to know about you thought - I *love* the sound of rain, and just rain in general, really. Plus I always get a dead leg from sitting cross-legged too! :D

  2. You're welcome ;) I LOVE this post, Rachel! I too love the sound of rain....or just rain in general. I ADORE IT. and I too almost broke my foot once cause my one leg was asleep...same with my mum...Painful stuffs