Monday, 9 March 2015

Time Taken From the Heart

Hello Readers

It comes to that time of the year for me, where I start to get very exited for one of the biggest events on the baptist youth culture. And that is Easter Camp. Easter Camp is run by the Baptist Youth Ministry

This will be my third year going. The Weekend consists of worship, studies, games, sports, TopTeam (were all the youthgroups compete) and many other activities. 
In short: we spend five days on a camp ground, sleeping (or trying to) in tents, and trying to eat the camp food. (fun times...)

I could spend a long time talking about how it all works. So it is only 24 days away! As I said, this is my third year. And I have no idea how it is going to turn out. 
So many people say it's going to be amazing. But I think, the amazing side of anything comes down to where you put your heart and attitude.
I will openly admit right now that I was too miserable my last two years. And I am very upset with myself for that. So I made a list of things to do better this year.

  • Smile more. Even if you're tired or upset. (people will like you better if you smile)
  • Hang out with people. But still have alone time. (I constantly think that people don't want to be around me. But I realize that I need to drop that and have some fun.) 
  • Be positive. Just cause things aren't going to go your way, doesn't mean the world is going to end.
That is only some of it. The thing about this weekend it that you get no sleep. I would spend hours tossing and turning. And it rained last year! Like hard out rain.

Story Time:

It started to rain hard on one of the nights. My youth-group was under our marquee. The question was kind of obvious, "How were we going to get to the stadium all the way over the other end of the field???" One of the youth suggested we use the massive sheet of tarp. So we all got under this sheet of tarp and walked in the direction of the stadium. 
The only problem was, that it was kind of hard to see with the rain. And it was pitch black. And with a lot of people cramped under one tarp, it was kind of hard to move and not get wet. 
In the end I got moved to the edge, and ended up walking out in the poring rain. 

But when I got closer to the stadium, a guy with an umbrella started walking beside me, keeping me from the rain. He walked me right to the doors, I said thank you. Then he left to go help more people who couldn't keep dry. 
Honestly. It's still the most beautiful thing to think about to this day. The fact that there are good people out there. (my favorite story to tell)

This year I will be on Camp NaNo as-well. So I will have to write a couple of pages a day. But it will be good. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Easter Camp with influence my writing. I will let you'all know more about this closer to the time. :)


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