Thursday, 19 February 2015

30 things you might not have known about me

Hello Readers,

So it's the weekend for me! Yay! I had a very boring week of doing hardly anything. But that is a long story. I am here now to do some blogging.
So I thought I might talk about me. Wild Horse over at Opal Swirls did a 30 things you might not have known... And I thought that might be cool to do. Make sure you look at Wild Horses post! (do it now) 

  • I put a lot of instant coffee in my cup, and less sugar. (at course I am now putting 4 of the plastic tea-spoons of coffee into my small cup)
  • The only jeans I will wear are skinny jeans. They have to be tight, or else I don't like them. 
  • I wear massive shirts. Anything to do with the top half, it's got to be large. I hate tight tops. 
  • On clothing; I love huge hoodies. I just bought myself a massive grey hoodie, that I have been looking for, for more than two years. 
  • I spend to much time on Pinterest (though you should all know that by now)
  • I am a leader in my churches intermediates program.
  • I cry when listening to 'Just give me a Reason' (I almost broke down in tears at the supermarket when it was playing...)  
  • I talk my characters lines aloud when I'm bored, and act them out as well. 
  • I hate talking on the phone. I will always make one of my siblings answer it when it rings. 
  • When I'm feeling really sick, or tired; I will talk your head off with the most random stuff. Like, it's hard to shut me up when I'm feeling like that. 
  • I'm funny if I'm comfortable around you. 
  • I love maps. Travel maps, world maps, google maps. I just love maps. 
  • I know my way around the City Library. And I want to work at the library. Seriously, I feel qualified.
  • I don't like wearing blingy jewelry. Anything that sparkles; I wont wear it. 
  • I like talking on deep subjects. 
  • I am happy with myself image. But I try not work to hard on it, I would much rather be a geek than a beauty queen. 
  • The movie I always go back to is 'The Day After Tomorrow' It is without a doubt, my favorite movie. 
  • I was previously Homeschool. And get very insulted when people refer to me as not being very good at socializing. (or asking if I have a social life) 
  • I hate is when I'm walking with my family, and I see people counting my siblings. It makes me so mad, I want to do something that would be bad. 
  • I've never broken a bone. 
  • I hardly ever wear makeup. But when I do, I smudge it all over my face. 
  • When I listen to music on my own, I will sing very loud. 
  • When I'm round people for to long, I tend to shut off. So I wont hear anyone, or see anything. 
  • I can't watch a horror without not being able to sleep properly for more than four weeks. (so I don't watch horrors) 
  • I cant read in the car without feeling car sick. 
  • I taught myself to play the piano.
  • I watch tons of BuzzFeed 
  • I am going to be 20 in 3 years. And that scares me!
  • I have to much black clothing. 
  • My dream job is to be an Agent of Shield... 

So that is me. Let me know what you think. :) Have a good weekend. 



  1. WE SHOULD MAKE THIS A THING. This was an awesome post :) I love posts where people talk about themselves xD

    Thanks for mentioning me :))

    1. Yes! We should, just encourage anyone to do this. Cause I lloved doing it.

      And all good, I believe in giving people the acknowledgment.:)))

  2. Ooh, I saw Wild Horse's post as well! On skinny jeans: I actually don't own ANY jeans at all. I know, the horror D: But loved all the items on the list -- perhaps we should make this a thing!

    1. Yes! Wild Horse has started a trend. Thanks :)