Tuesday, 10 February 2015

"I'm a Writer. Therefore. I am not sane."

Hello Readers.

I feel so bad for not doing any posts. But there is a reason for this. As some of you might know, I am studying Graphic Design this year. From Monday through to Thursday. I know that leaves me with three other days, but last weekend all I could do was sleep. I physically could do nothing. (no kidding, it was horrible)

I am now into the second week at course, and for the first four weeks we are on a boot camp. Meaning our project deadlines are much shorter than normal, giving us no more than four days on each project. So I have been super busy with all my work, and the fact that I have two more weeks of crazy deadlines and projects... you get the point.

I promise I will try to get some more posts up. But my mind is very blank, I have used all my creativity during the day. Then in the afternoon I'm very zoned out. Doesn't help that I'm introverted

Ohhh. Though I have come down to plotting 'How to be Invisible and Rule the World' So I have been doing something. I have spent a bit of time on Pinterest... pinning... a lot of stuff... But that has been the best for my plotting. I'll find a picture and be like "yup, that can be a scene" (fellow Pinners will understand)

I am looking forward to writing 'How to be Invisible and Rule the World'. And I know that April will be here before I know it. There is no doubt about that.
The one thing about writing it in April for camp NaNoWriMo, is that I will be at Easter Camp from 2nd to the 6th, meaning I'm going to writing about five pages a day long hand over that time. It's going to be fun... But I'm ready for the challenge.

You guys must watch this beautiful cover of Sia's Elastic Heart done by Madilyn Bailey. I love her voice so much. She is one of my favorite singers. And I adore all her covers. (It's one of my favorite songs!)


  1. Arg I feel the same way from school. I was not expecting this school year to hit me quite so hard, quite so soon.

    Yay for being challenged! :)

    1. I guess it's just the settling into it. Fun times. :)))