Sunday, 1 February 2015

Building Blocks of Character: Antagonists Link-up

Hello Readers. 

Do day is very exiting! Cause Adriana Gabrielle and I have come up with our very own Writers Link-Up! So exiting! We had noticed the amount of amazing tags and link-ups going about, and thought it would be cool to try and make our own. 

Antagonist are the characters we all end up hating, and want dead. You know the feeling of dread when they come into a scene. Though where would we be without a gripping Antagonist to keep the story going? This link-up has some dig-deeper questions to get to know your antagonist. 


~Take linkup theme pic and post on your blog.

~Show us one (maybe two) pictures of your antagonist

~Answer the Questions! Wooh! Simple as that :)

~When your done, link back to either of our blogs. Looking forward to seeing what you come out with!

1. Is the antagonist a person or a concept?

2. Now give us your villains description! What do they look like? What do they wear? Scars, tattoos or birthmarks? (etc.)

3. Does your antagonist have a special trademark item? (Ex. President Snow's white rose)

4. What is A theme song you have for your antagonist? Does it tell their story? Or is it just some epic song?

Now that that is done, lets dig deeper here!
5.Is there a tragedy that has stuck with your antagonist through their life? What is it?

6.What is it that is deceptive about your antagonist? What tricks people into believing they are good?

7.What is the main motivation for the antagonists actions? are their morals just mixed up? for the protection of someone? revenge? (etc etc)

8.Does your antagonist see themselves as a hero or do they know they are a villain/antagonist? Do they want to be the 'Bad Guy'?

9.Has your antagonist got any criminal records? Or had s/he broken any laws?

10. Now,last but not least (because we love to embarrass our characters), What is your antagonist deepest secret that (if found out) would embarrass them greatly?

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