Sunday 1 February 2015

Story Worlds: Setting Link-up

Hello Readers.

Here with Adriana Gabrielle. And here is our other (depends which one you read first) Link-up! This link up is focused around your Story Worlds Setting. What does this world look like. How does it work. I see world building as one of the most important parts of writing a story. You have to put your characters somewhere. It could be modern day New York, or a Fantasy world.


~Take linkup theme pic and post on your blog.

~Show us one (or two) pictures of your setting. Whether that be a place landmark, map, or landscape.

~Answer the amazing questions.  

~When your done, link back to either of our blogs. Looking forward to seeing what you come out with!

1) What is your genre? Cause that tends to determine what your setting will end up looking like.  

2) What is the majority of the setting like is it more forest? Desert? Etc

3) Has this world got a memorial landmarks of any kind. (Ex: hogwarts, etc etc)

4) What is the transport like in this world? Do they have cars? Or do they ride around on horse and dragons?

5) What time period is it set around. Have you used an concepts from  historical era. (Ex, the hunger games has the element of the roman world.)

6) Who is in control in this world? Who is leading? Is it a Monarchy, or is it run by a Government? (and if so what kind of government?)  

7) What are some of the laws this world has?

8) What is the common religion of this world? And what are traditions they have?

9) Are there any special  (annual) events or holidays that are celebrated?  

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