Friday, 5 June 2015

Cry Room Scene || Snippet

Hey Readers. 
I have been wanting to share this with you for a while. A week or two ago when my laptop was not working, I had been getting a rush of ideas for my story. I was using my tablet to go through my stories pinterest board. And I came upon a picture I had pinned a while back. Of a door, with the words "cry room" So I decided to write a scene for this picture. And I posted it to my Instergram, then to my Facebook. And Instantly I got loads of wonderful feed back from people. So here is the scene from How to be Invisible and Rule the World. 

He places his arm over my shoulder to support me. My legs are not strong enough. We are laughing. Our voices carrying down the cold empty halls of this particular ward. At some point we are going to get told off. Though I don't know why someone would be told off for laughing in a hospital. I see it as very therapeutic. My feet are cold against the hard flooring, and I can hear our footsteps. It makes me think of things. Memories come in unclear, confusing flashbacks.
I notice a door all of a sudden. Many of the doors have formal names, and numbers. But this one simply says 'cry room.' Gabe notices it too. I try the handle. And It opens. There is nothing but silence coming from inside. "Shhh" I say smiling at him. We step through and sit down on the seats lined against one of the walls. The silence is so loud, it starts to hurt my head. It's dark, but I can make out the lonely walls, and other chairs. That is when I realized I have said nothing. He is looking into space. I lean my head against his shoulder, a tear rolls down my face, then another. The I am crying. And he is holding me. I'm crying for everything I destroyed. -By Rachel Day

I was talking to Mum last night about how that scene had been so effective to my readers on social media. It is cause they have no idea what is happening. I am the only person that knows why my character is surrounded by walls. And what she destroyed. 

Please let me know what you thought about this scene. :) 


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