Thursday, 14 May 2015

The struggles

Hey my beautiful readers.

And no, if you thought I was happy, you are dead wrong. I am struggling to find the smallest piece of positiveness in me.  Life is a roller-coaster at the moment. And it's kind of going everywhere.
Sorry I have not been blogging. I just physically couldn't. And it's pure luck that I can do this post. So here is a bit of an update on THINGS in the life of Rachel Day.

I haven't been writing. And that is very bad. But I have been getting to know my characters more and more. Just journaling about them. There are still my favorite piece of heaven at the moment. My babies. Though they can be annoying sometimes.

*Character Starts flattering the other character* Me screams "STOP IT!" 
*Character does something stupid.* Me "Did you really just do that???" 
*Character starts talking about stuff I had no idea about* Me "What the heck! Why did I not know about this?" 
Me *Start's crying* 

The struggles are real people. I signed myself up for this. I should have seen it coming. But I think all writers do that. Go into writing, so naive, so innocent, and really quite clueless to the task at hand. *Sighs* *Shakes head*
So after that. I am hoping to get some writing done soon. I have kind of put a deadline to How to be Invisible and Rule the World, I want to have it done by the 20th of July (My birthday) But we will see about that.

That is really it. Nothing special. Oh yeah, it's raining, and tomrrow I'm going to pick up this shirt/knited/sweatshirt thing I have wanted for so long. It's so cute, it has a panda face on it!!!


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  1. I've been stuck writing wise as well :/ I hope you start to pull through! :)