Monday, 25 May 2015

Inga Wandering || Interview and Profile

Hey Readers.

Time to meet one of my main characters, Inga Wandering from How to be Invisible and Rule the World. I thought I would just give them to you one by one.

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Inga Wandering (Name means daughter of a warrior...)
Age: 16
Myers Briggs: INFJ
Personality: Quiet, reserved, sweet, and daring. 
Hobbies: Long boarding, poetry, cello, and geography. 
Distinguishing features: Her eyes, cause they tend to change colour. 
Physical appearance: Average height, fragile looking body. Dark hair that comes over her shoulder.   

Inga is one of my Main Characters. If I could say one thing about her, it would be that she is scared. Her heart is so guarded. But she has so much love to share... She is the trouble hider. She want's to hide herself from the world. She want's to hide all her problems. 

Here is a small interview with Inga. (Her name means daughter of a warrior...)

So Inga. Let's get this on a roll shall we...

Inga: *Sits down with arms folded.* This shouldn't take long should it?

No it shouldn't. I'm just going to ask you some questions.

Yes, yes. I know the drill.

I know you do. That's the whole point. First question. A movie you hate?

Easy. It would be the Note Book. 

It's not on my top list either. Why don't you like it?

It's not real. It's creating a fantasy in the minds of people of what love should look like. But it will never be like that. But the real reason why I hated it is, it broke my heart, and I will never be able to forgive it for that. 

Interesting observation. Next question. What is one thing that you want to do and not regret?

*Nervous laughter* I do nothing I'll regret.  

Your best friend, Cara. How did you meet her?

She started dating my cousin Danny. So we became friends fast. She kind of became one of us... she was able to handle it with passion.

That's cool. So, what about Gabriel?

Ha, I would rather not talk about him... He's crazy. 

Alrighty. I will take that as an answer. Thanks for answering the questions. 

Not problem...

That is Inga for you. Sorry it was not a very intersting Interview. There will be more at some point. 



  1. I can't wait to hear more about Inga, she sounds interesting! Also, I love that song :)

    1. Thank you! She really is something... The song it amazing. :)))