Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Personal Blog || Journey Through my Deep

Hey Readers. 

I created this blog well before I started this one. But it was kind of just sitting there. It was kind of meant to be a journal. So I thought I would use it as that. It's kind of personal. Very deep. But I thought I might share it on here if any of you want to read it. I'm still in the state of constructing it. So sorry for the horrible formatting. 

This is still my main blog. And everything will still be posted here. I'm sorry for the lack of posting. An new post will be coming in a few days. (This blog is my BABY!)
That is all. Hope you all liked my last post about Inga.  I have been doing some writing. But I laptop is currently down... I'm not happy about that. So I have to use our Home PC. But that is hard to get on with so many people using it. Follow me on Instergram @Queenie_Rachy (think that is my user name...)

Love you all.


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