Monday, 6 July 2015

Hello World

Hello World.

After a good shower, a coffee, and muffins in the oven. I can sit down to my laptop, playing round on pinterest, listening to Lorde. So I thought I might do a post cause I have the time to do so. I have not been the best. After waking up on Sunday morning, with every muscle aching, and my head spinning with the threat of a migraine.It has been like this since then. I have not really said it on here. But I have been sick for a few months. And I was starting to run smooth up until last week. Then it all came flooding back. 

Last night my brain thought it would be a good idea to do some writing. So I did. I set myself a timer for 25 minutes to midnight. And wrote about 400 words. I know that is not a lot. But it is something. I got back on track. YAY!!! I have missed writing. And I want to get this story written and out of the way to start editing.

I really have no plans for this holidays. I wish I did. But I don't. There really is nothing to do in New Zealand winter weather. It's just very cold, and wet. Making the house damp. Yeah. Nothing really great.

I will be organizing a blogging schedule soon.


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  1. I hope you start to heal soon <3 Writing defiantly helps :)