Saturday, 1 August 2015

Welcome August

Hello World

So I thought I would take on board something I saw my friend Opal doing over at her blog Opal Swirls. And that was an update post at the beginning of each month. And since I have not been doing all that much blogging. I feel this will get me back on track with things.

So as you all might know I am a graphic design student.
At the moment we have a huge level four project that a list of level two and three's have been assigned to do. This is to create a poster for a local band called The Clefs. We have been making their posters for ten years straight. And this is their last. I know some (most) people who hear me say POSTER, think this would be reasonably easy.... Trust me, it is not as easy as you think it is. Adding to the fact that we started last week, and have to have the entire thing finished Friday the 7th of August. We have days.... Thinking about that. I should be doing work on that now.
(P.S. Sorry for the rant. I will share my final poster over here on Friday night...)

August Readathon:
This month I am participating the August Readathon. I'm not sure what books I will be reading just yet. I am going to go to the library tomorrow and get out a whole lot. So that should be fun! I will try and film a book haul just for fun of the books I will gather...Might....

Favorite Song:
My favorite song for last month, and this month would have to be Dynasty by MIIA. Please listen to it, and love it. Cause I fell in love with it the minute I listened to it.

I recently got a DSLR Camera. So I have had some fun playing round with it on weekends. I can only do it on weekends. Cause by the time I get home from course it is already to dark to do anything. So I am patently waiting for summer to come so I can do more! I have never really picked up a camera before. But I am pretty happy with how my work is coming along so far. :)

I better go and do so course work. I'm just hoping I survive this month to be honest. There is a lot of
things to do...



  1. An August readathon sounds awesome! :) Did you take all the pictures at the bottom?

    I'm sure you'll make it through August :))

    1. Thank you Opal! Yes I did take those photos :)